31 March, 2007

On God

Self is God - Your Consciousness is the Light of Life

I don't like using the word " GOD " because of its associations- Church, personification and because of all ways the word has been misused. For me " GOD " is " All That Is " ; " Pure Being " "Consciousness" " The Universe "

We Are All God within the one being,the ONENESS or the LOGOS , The WORD. It is the Consciousness behind The Word that projects The WORD.

For me it is enough to know that the Self Is God, I don't need " God " to be a person to have a relationship with "him " or "her". I accept that as consciousness "God " is a higher vibration and does not need a physical or personal form. Having said that, if having a form facilitates having a relationship ,then why not ? For the purpose of having a conversation , why not imagine " God " as a man , woman or child for that matter . " God " can take on any form . Easy peasy .

I don't like GOD being referred to as " HE " or the " Father " but that is a reaction to the Patriarcal world we live in.

22 March, 2007

bob marley - one love

One Love ... one heart ... let's get together and feel all right ....

AMAZING video .. bless you Bob Marley ..love and peace in all dimensions xxx