29 May, 2005

Happy Mother's day , Amma and all mothers.

Amrita eNews

Mother, Mata Amritanandamayi , Amma’ as she is known all over the world today, has inspired and started innumerable humanitarian services. She has earned international recognition for her outstanding contributions to the world community. She is recognized as an extraordinary spiritual leader by the United Nations and by the people all over the world. Blessed be !


What is ART ?

What is ART ?

• noun 1 the expression of creative skill through a visual medium such as painting or sculpture. 2 the product of such a process; paintings, drawings, and sculpture collectively.
3 (the arts) the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, and drama.
4 (arts) subjects of study primarily concerned with human culture (as contrasted with scientific or technical subjects).
5 a skill: the art of conversation.

The Cambridge dictionary says :

1 [U] the making of objects, images, music, etc. that are beautiful or that express feelings:Can television and pop music really be considered art?I enjoyed the ballet, but it wasn't really great art.
2 [U] the activity of painting, drawing and making sculpture:Art and English were my best subjects at school.an art teacher

3 [U] paintings, drawings and sculptures:The gallery has an excellent collection of modern art.an exhibition of Native American artPeggy Guggenheim was one of the twentieth century's great art collectors.The Frick is an art gallery in New York.

4 [C] an activity through which people express particular ideas:Drama is an art that is traditionally performed in a theatre.Do you regard film as entertainment or as an art?She is doing a course in the performing arts.

5 [C] a skill or special ability:the art of conversationGetting him to go out is quite an art (= needs special skill).


Human effort to imitate, supplement, alter, or counteract the work of nature.
a. The conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colours, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty, specifically the production of the beautiful in a graphic or plastic medium.
b. The study of these activities.
c. The product of these activities; human works of beauty considered as a group.
3. High quality of conception or execution, as found in works of beauty; aesthetic value.
4. A field or category of art, such as music, ballet, or literature.
5. A nonscientific branch of learning; one of the liberal arts.
a. A system of principles and methods employed in the performance of a set of activities: the art of building.
b. A trade or craft that applies such a system of principles and methods: the art of the lexicographer.
a. Skill that is attained by study, practice, or observation: the art of the baker; the blacksmith's art.
b. Skill arising from the exercise of intuitive faculties: "Self-criticism is an art not many are qualified to practice" Joyce Carol Oates.
a. arts Artful devices, stratagems, and tricks.
b. Artful contrivance; cunning.
9. Printing Illustrative material.

Although today the word art usually refers to the visual arts, the concept of what art is has continuously changed over centuries. Perhaps the most concise definition is its broadest—art refers to all creative human endeavors, excluding actions directly related to survival and reproduction. From a wide perspective, art is simply a generic term for any product of the creative impulse, out of which sprang all other human pursuits — such as science via alchemy, and religion via shamanism.
Artists, deliberately or not, work under the influence of other artists of the past and present. Much of the development of individual artists deals with finding structured principles for how to express certain ideas through various kinds of symbolism. For example, Vasily Kandinsky famously developed his use of color in painting through a system of stimulus response, where over time he gained an understanding of the emotions that can be evoked by color and combinations of color. Contemporary artist Andy Goldsworthy, on the other hand, chose to use the medium of found natural objects and materials to arrange temporary sculptures; the only record of these sculptures brought back to the world comes in the form of a modest photograph.

28 May, 2005

Accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.

" The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle."
Margaret Storm Jameson

How TRUE this is when you take these words and go within. Every moment a miracle. I am aware of only a fraction and remember a but a few. So many more to discover, so many more miracles to be aware of.

Like yesterday , I saw two birds, song thrushes I think; one had a worm in it's mouth and then shared it with its friend. It looked like they were kissing - reminded me of Lady and the Tramp eating spaghetti !

23 May, 2005


Full moon today - the third of the spring moons.
A powerful and potent time for meditation and manifestation.
We are co- creators, creating our reality.

World Invocation/Wesak order form - London:

(adapted version)
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into human minds.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into human hearts.
May the Coming One return to Earth.
From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide all little human wills--
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the centre which we call the human race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light, and Love, and Power restore the Plan on Earth"

God has no religion

From whom on different paths
All of us have come.
To Whom on different paths
All of us are going.
Make strong in our hearts what unites us.

-- Brother David Steindl-Rast quoted in God Has No Religion by Frances Sheridan Goulart

22 May, 2005

Seeking Truth

"Who is living life for me? Am I really thinking for myself or am I unknowingly projecting acquired ideas which may be all wrong?"

Vernon Howard

When we begin to question the beliefs that we have blindly accepted and by which we've set our perception, the world as we have known it begins to slide away.

21 May, 2005


Prosperity depends more on wanting what you have
than having what you want.

Geoffrey F. Abert

19 May, 2005

Attracting Money

Attracting Money by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

Oprah Winfrey’s rise from difficult economic circumstances (largely through self-education) to undreamed of socioeconomic status is an inspiration to many. And it’s particularly heartening to think that she did this while helping millions of others improve their well being. Though Oprah’s story is particularly exceptional, the truth is that every one of us can attract wealth into our lives and improve our relationship with money.
Prosperity, like health, is a true dialectic. On the one hand, the energy that manifests as wealth or health is truly unlimited. On the other hand, you need to create a consciousness and a physical structure (accounting, checkbooks, bank accounts) to be able to receive it, use it, and circulate it wisely. Here's a short course to get you started.

Step One: Acknowledge that money is important. Though money cannot buy the things that are most precious in life—loving relationships, beautiful weather, or the laughter of an adorable child—the fact remains that money touches every part of our lives. Most of the time, money is associated with worry and stress, regardless of how much or how little you have.
The subject of money can be so stressful, in fact, that it can put your health and your relationships at risk. I know this first hand. Control issues around money became so distressing in my own marriage that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would get sick or die if things didn't change. (My intuition told me that it would be breast cancer.) Divorce was the way in which I became financially conscious. Though I wouldn't wish this on anyone, it sure got me up to speed quickly.
Step Two: Know that you cannot afford to let your spouse, or anyone else, assume all the responsibility for your important financial decisions. This issue is so important that financial expert and author Suze Orman only agrees to meet with couples if both members are present and contributing to all financial decisions.
When one member of a couple makes all the financial decisions, it puts the other member at risk. And it may also lead to "acting out." This is one of the main reasons why one member of a couple may overspend or run up credit card debt that she (or sometimes he) hides from the other spouse.
There's a myth I'd like to shatter right now. Men are not necessarily better at handling money than women. In fact, one of my financial advisors told me that women often make better investment decisions than men because they are more willing to admit that they've made a mistake and thus change course.
Step Three: Face your fears and beliefs and have the courage to update them. Years ago, I heard Joe Dominguez, co-author of the book
Your Money or Your Life, describe that we're socialized to reveal just about every other aspect of our lives except the truth about our finances. And like all secrets, those things that we hide or are ashamed of have a way of leaking away our energy and thus setting the stage for ill health.
Another fact of life is that we inherit our financial beliefs from our parents and grandparents who hand them down to us like heirlooms. And these beliefs, and the behaviors that go along with them, are often crippling and limiting. An example of this would be keeping our money in a savings account at a very low interest rate rather than "risk" a money market fund or other investment where we could earn higher interest rates.
Take a moment right now and see if you can recall your first memory about money or a "money story” that was handed down to you from your parents. How has this story influenced your relationship with money? One of my own limiting beliefs (though subconscious) was that I wasn't good at managing money and that my husband was far more skilled. Therefore I was happy to let him handle that area of our lives.
A friend told me that when she was a teenager, she began to earn her own money and would occasionally buy things for herself. Her mother chastised her for being frivolous and irresponsible, warning her that terrible things would happen to her because of her so-called indulgences. Her mother often chided: “Your father and I practically kill ourselves working to put food on the table, and you just buy anything you want with no regard for what things really cost.” Eventually, whenever she thought about buying something for herself, she experienced panic, fear, anxiety, and a deep belief that she didn't deserve to have nice things. For many years, if she saw something she wanted, she'd buy it and give it to someone else, thus enjoying her pleasure while avoiding the fear of appearing materialistic herself.
By bringing this and related memories to consciousness, my friend is beginning to transform her relationship with money. Not surprisingly, her sense of self-worth has also improved. She has started to invest in her own retirement and to buy some of the things she desires. She has also become far better about actually accepting gifts from others rather than always being the one to give.
Step Four: Educate yourself about the basics of money. When my husband and I separated, I had to get up to speed on finances very quickly. Overnight, I found myself financially responsible for my home and children without the benefit of two incomes. I was terrified. But I also had a lot of faith. A friend sent me the book
The Courage to Be Rich by Suze Orman so that I could read the section about divorce, which helped me a great deal. (For example, Orman suggested waiting six months after a divorce or separation before making any major financial decisions or changes, because the emotional upheaval caused by a divorce can cloud judgment.)
Over the next two years I also read the following books and applied the information contained in them whenever possible. All of them were extremely helpful and gave me another way to look at and think about money.
Nine Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman. What I like most about Suze Orman’s approach is the way in which she describes how the connection between our past emotional experiences with money set the tone for our present financial situation. The stories in this book are very convincing and highly motivating. For example, when I read the chapter on planning for your loved ones, I immediately appointed a Durable Power of Attorney in case something happened to my health and I could not take care of my own finances. During the divorce process I also changed the beneficiaries on my life insurance and pension plans. Once my divorce was final, I also updated my will and estate plan to insure that my loved ones would be taken care of properly. This goes along with one of Orman's chief principles: "People first, then Money."
Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. This classic book, written in 1937 right after the Great Depression, is based on the experience of more than 500 individuals (mostly men) who began from scratch and achieved great wealth because of their ideas, thoughts, and organized plans. Examples include Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Thomas Edison. Though the writing is dated and sexist, the principles outlined contain so much value and wisdom, that I simply took what was good and left the rest. I studied this book thoroughly, and followed the suggestions to the letter.The main idea behind Think and Grow Rich is that our thoughts have the peculiar habit of manifesting themselves into their physical equivalents. This means that if we continually think thoughts of poverty and are motivated by fear, then poverty will be our experience. But if we have a burning desire to be successful and are willing to give something back to the world in order to accomplish it, then we can achieve our dreams. Here's an example. In the second chapter of the book, Hill points out how the emotion of desire can be transmuted into its financial equivalent. See article on “How to Transmute Desire into Riches.”There are many more very practical instructions in Think and Grow Rich. Basically, this book offers tried and true methods for applying the Law of Attraction that states that we attract those things that match our vibration on all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual. The universe will take care of the details and supply the people, places, and means by which you can achieve your goal.
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, with Sharon Lechter, C.P.A. You've all heard the phrase, "The rich get richer while the poor stay that way or get poorer." In this book, Kiyosaki explains why, and teaches each of us how to apply this in our own lives. He discusses the importance of seeing yourself as a "business" rather than just an "employee." He also explains the crucial difference between working for money (living from paycheck to paycheck) and learning how to create cash flow or passive income through investing in our own businesses or those of others.After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I also bought Kiyosaki's board game, “Cash Flow”, which though expensive, taught me more than I could have learned from reading a dozen books—and I only played the game twice. The game has an eerie way of reflecting back to each player his or her beliefs and behaviors about money. The idea is to get out of the "rat race" (living from paycheck to paycheck) and into the fast track, which is reached when your monthly passive income exceeds your monthly expenses. I guarantee you that playing this game will change the way you look at every purchase you make. (You can order the board game “Cash Flow” at www.richdad.com.)Here's another timely tip from Kiyosaki: “One of the best times to lay the groundwork for wealth is during a recession.” I am far less worried about the current economy than I would have been if I had not learned this. And as a result, my stress hormone levels are much lower.
Two other fabulous books are
The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason (Signet Book, Reissue edition, 2004) and As a Man Thinketh by James Allen (DeVorss & Company, 1979).
I also like the work of prosperity guru and multimillionaire, Randy Gage. My daughter Kate and I went to Randy’s “Prosperity Power Experience” in San Diego in June 2004 and got a real “shot in the arm” of prosperity. He, like me, has been highly influenced by the work of Catherine Ponder and challenges people to change their limiting beliefs on all levels. Randy, once an alcoholic who washed dishes for a living, is quite a character and a very dynamic and funny speaker. One of his favorite phrases is, “You can’t out-give the universe.” And Randy lives by this credo—his business spends more on charitable contributions than any other expense. For a free catalog of Randy’s products and seminars, call 1-800-432-GAGE (4243) or visit
In conclusion, nothing is more empowering than getting control over your spending, your money beliefs, and your cash flow. And nothing is more thrilling than seeing your bank account grow as a result of these changes. Anyone can take the same steps I’ve taken to achieve peace of mind and better financial and physical health. The first step is simply knowing you can do it!

What beliefs are creating my cells day to day ?

Rather than think you need to go on an archaeological dig into your past,
you need to understand that the way you're living your life right in the present moment,
and the beliefs with which you're living your life, are creating your cells day to day.”

YES , the future starts today.
What beliefs are creating my cells day to day ?


18 May, 2005

Three Graces - Rubens


Rubenesque (roo-buh-NESK) adjective Full-figured; rounded; voluptuous, [After Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) knownfor depiction of plump female figures in his paintings.]Rubens's paintings: http://ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/rubens/ "But our society admires thinness -- the Rubenesque Marilyn Monroe likely would be considered too plump these days -- and so some of our children, in the quest to look attractive, may starve themselves." S. Jennifer Hunter; Where Were Schiavo's Loved Ones As Disorder Led to Downfall?; Chicago Sun-Times; Apr 6, 2005.

16 May, 2005

Where am I going ?

Where am I going ?
I won't know until I get there ..duhhhhh !

Byron Katie gets me to look at what IS and a whole new world opens up.

Some of Katie's quotes :

You move totally away from reality when you believe that there is a legitimate reason to suffer.
Reality is always kinder than the story we tell about it.
I’m very clear that everyone in the world loves me. I just don’t expect them to realize it yet.
For me, reality is God, because it rules.
An unquestioned mind is the world of suffering.
Personalities don’t love—they want something.
Sanity doesn't suffer, ever.
You are what exists before all stories. You are what remains when the story is understood.
I’m a lover of what is, not because I’m a spiritual person, but because it hurts when I argue with reality.
Everyone is a mirror image of yourself—your own thinking coming back at you.
“I don’t know” is my favorite position.
What is is. You don’t get a vote. Haven’t you noticed?
Until you look forward to criticism, your Work’s not done.
If I had a prayer, it would be this: “God spare me from the desire for love, approval, and appreciation. Amen.”
Thoughts aren’t personal. They just appear, like raindrops. Would you argue with a raindrop?
You either believe what you think or you question it. There’s no other choice.
There are no new stressful thoughts. They’re all recycled.
Stress is an alarm clock that lets you know you’ve attached to something not true for you.
We do only three things in life: we sit, we stand, we lie horizontal. The rest is just a story.
The teacher you need is the person you’re living with.
If I think you’re my problem, I’m insane.
The world is my perception of it. I see and hear only through the filter of my story.
There’s only one thought to question: the one appearing now.
When I argue with reality, I lose—but only 100% of the time.
Everyone and everything is doing its job perfectly—no mistake.
Ultimately, I am all I can know.
Until we know that death is equal to life, we live in fear.
When I am perfectly clear, what is is what I want.
Arguing with reality is like trying to teach a cat to bark—hopeless.
How do I know that I don’t need what I want? I don’t have it.
We fear only what we haven’t understood.
There are no physical problems—only mental ones.
We never make a decision. When the time is right, the decision makes itself.
The miracle of love comes to us in the presence of the uninterpreted moment.
The last story: God is everything, God is good.
No one can hurt me—that’s my job.
When they attack you and you notice that you love them with all your heart, your Work is done.
Forgiveness is realizing that what you thought happened, didn't.
Seeking love keeps you from the awareness that you already have it—that you are it.
Have you asked you?
Everything happens for me, not to me.
We say to others only what we need to hear.
I don’t let go of concepts—I question them. Then they let go of me.
Nothing you believe is true. To know this is freedom.
If you want to see the love of your life, look in the mirror.
Reality is always the story of a past, and what I love about the past is—it’s over.
We suffer only until we realize that we can’t know anything.
You can only see what you believe— nothing else is possible.
I could find only three kinds of business in the world—mine, yours, and God’s. Whose business are you in?
No one has ever been angry at another human being—we’re only angry at our story of them.
Gratitude is what we are without a story.

14 May, 2005

My life flows between these two

Love says "I am everything".
Wisdom says "I am nothing".
Between the two, my life flows.

-Nisargadatta Maharaj

11 May, 2005


In the spirit of peace, love, harmony and goodwill

"My biggest, most predominant thought today is: When people unite in a common thought of peace, it doesn’t matter who the President or the Dictator is. And that’s the power of what can happen when two or more minds come together in the spirit of peace, love, harmony and goodwill."

from Mary's thoughtshttp://blog.maryrobinsonreynolds.com/?cat=2

..............in the spirit of peace, love, harmony and goodwill,
so be it and so it is ... YES !

10 May, 2005

On Love, Sexuality and Spirituality

The Cosmic Goddess' is “desperately” trying to awaken us to love and to the unlimited possibilities that love can bring to us and to our world.

She affirms repeatedly :
“In love, all things are possible.
In love, one sees all realities and all truths.
In love, one is free.”

We encounter one of our most profound experiences of love when we fall in love. The untapped potential of love the bliss of divine love.

When we are in love, our hearts are open to another, bringing us into contact with something much greater than ourselves. At such times, the spark of our divine essence is ignited, and a magical energy comes alive within us. This energy awakens in us a sense of the divine because, it is divine. Romantic love is about the fulfillment of our highest purpose: to live in oneness with the divine and for many people, as the most direct path to God.

Sexual energy is the most powerful force within us and is deeply linked, to our spirituality. This energy is not only the fire that kindles our spirituality: In many ways it is our spirituality.

We have to do something about the fire, the passion that burns within us. What we do with that fire, how we channel it, is our spirituality.

We all have a spirituality , a passion , whether we want one or not.

How do we use this passion ?

Sexual energy is meant to be joined with the energy of love that flows from our hearts.

When this merging of sexual and vital energies occurs, the combined energies become a creative, healing, and blissful force with the power to heighten our consciousness and lift us into union with the divine.

The Soul of Sex : Cultivating Life as an Act of Love -- by Thomas Moore; Paperback

09 May, 2005

9 May , Orgasm Day in Brazil

May 9, 2:04 PM EDT

Brazilian town declares orgasm day RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) -- Sex rarely makes the news in Brazil's conservative Northeast - until a small town declared an official Orgasm Day on Monday.Espertantina Mayor Felipe Santolia endorsed the May 9 holiday, which he said was intended to improve relationships between married couples."We're celebrating orgasm in all its senses. There's even a panel discussion on premature ejaculation. But from what I've seen, women have more trouble achieving orgasm than men, especially in marriage," Santolia said by telephone from Esperantina, 1,300 miles north of Rio de Janeiro.Santolia said the remote town of 38,000 people has been unofficially celebrating orgasm day for years, but that the town's former mayor had vetoed a bill making it an official municipal holiday. The city council passed a law Saturday creating the holiday. Santolia, who took office earlier this year, said he would sign the bill later Monday."I'm 32, single and I have an open mind. Beside the theme is very much of the moment," he said.Orgasm Day celebrations include a series of panel discussions by sexologists from across Brazil and a presentation of Eve Ensler's play "The Vagina Monologues."Santolia said the idea of celebrating Orgasm Day at first created a scandal in this poor region, known for its religious fervor. But he said residents gradually residents warmed to the idea. "I've seen scientific studies that show when a woman is unloved, when her husband can bring her to orgasm, it affects all aspects of her life, her relationships with her children, at home, with the city and at work," Santolia said.

YES .. YES .. YES ! :-)

08 May, 2005

Be as you are.

"Be as you are."

To be as you are is to be before naming, before clothing. Be That. The effort is in the naming and clothing, and the following evaluation of what has been named and clothed, and the comparison of that with other names and clothes.

Be as you are. Then you will see as I see, and you will have a good laugh, a deep laugh, a serious laugh.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

The World of the "Mythic Tarot "

THE WORLD , from "The Mythic Tarot "
Read the review by Lee A. Bursten
If you would like to purchase this deck/book set, click here.
" This very successful deck by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene (cards drawn by Tricia Newell) was published in 1986 and is still in print. Although this is a "cultural" Tarot whose theme is Greek mythology, the actual theme of this deck is a psychological approach to the Tarot, using Greek myths to illustrate the deck’s psychological themes. According to Sharman-Burke, "Greek myths have been assigned to each card and the stories are intended to be used as a springboard from which to enrich an understanding of the ps
ychological uses the tarot can be put to."


"Ouroboros," a Greek word meaning, "devouring the tail."



OUROBOROUS the serpent swallowing its own tail represents totality and completion.

Art of being a woman or a man or a human being

What is it to be a woman ? What is it to be a man ? What is it to be a human being ? Time to re-define feminism or maybe stop using the word all altogether. What is the male principle ? What is the female principle? We live in a patriarchal society . How would it be to see the world as it REALLY is ? Feminism: What is it ? It is the belief in the need to secure rights and opportunities for women equal to those of men. Perhaps it is better to avoid the word all together . " Don't mention the war" We have gone beyond burning bras and chaining ourselves to the railings. Surely we have moved past competing with men , especially in a male way , on male terms ? Women must help women and men, achieve equality and balance in society. Not " better than " but " as good as " or " good enough". What about women and men working together, to be who they want to be and do what they want to do, with self-assurance and passion and not in each other's shadow ? Yin and Yang , like Love and Will have different qualities. Love is not better than Will, nor is Will better than Love. The merging of Love and Will in Synthesis is a beautiful and powerful thing enabling the full expression of Self. I am thinking of " THE WORLD " card of the Tarot where male and female dance together with the circle of the ouroboros for mutual fulfilment, completion, satisfaction, joy, wholeness, success and not stagnation, lack of will, impatience or delays. Man and Woman , Male and Female dancing together heralds the arrival of the heart's desire, whatever that may be and a time of achievement, recognition, success and triumph. Completion and fulfilment.

07 May, 2005

Keeping your mind on track; set aside time for meditation

Consensus reality has a strong tendency to pull you away from consciousness into mind,
away from joy into the concerns of the everyday,
away from the unity and the peace and the power of your natural essence into the endless stream of detail and the constant rearrangement of detail to make structures with which you can live, within which you can work, and from which you can learn.

This is why it is so important to set aside time for meditation.
Meditation is an important part of mental hygene.

There is a tremendous discipline involved simply in keeping your mind on track.

What have you thought about today?
What of those thoughts have you taken seriously enough to listen to?
Do you listen to your thoughts and do you follow them?

I am beginning to realise the full potential of my daily walk around the lake.
I am not fond of physical exercise , though I know it is good for me.
I don't enjoy it . I think it is boring.
These are thoughts that block me and that sabbotage me,
I would love this daily walk to be a JOYFUL experience.
One way that I can do that is to make it into a " walking meditation"
I have noticed that I am more motivated to walk after periods of intense thinking.
I notice that I actually welcome an " airing of my brain".
It feels good to step outside.
Feeling motivated takes the edge off thinking about this as a boring exercise, and I actually experience pleasure... PLUS .. I am getting exercise and most probably losing weight !

Dreams are the conversation that your consciousness has with you when it finally gets a chance tp be on stage.
Your mind has been going in and on all day in endless conversations about how to do this and why to do that. You become bogged down with details.

During your dream time, all of the things that you shoved aside because you really did not have time to think about , now have a chance to spring up and up they come.

Listen to those things in your dreams that do come up, that you can remember. But more than that, listen to the seemingly trivial thoughts that pass through your mind during your day, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life.

“Where is joy in this moment?”

Spiritual evolution is not a straight line, it is a spiral.

Recollections of Early Childhood

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting,
And cometh from afar:
Not in entire forgetfulness,
And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we comeFrom God,
Who is our home.

"Intimations of Immortality from the Recollections of Early Childhood," by William Wordsworth

06 May, 2005

Questions ; just checking

Do I feel stressful about this day or do I feel comfortable?
Do I feel prepared for today's events?
Am I projecting fears and expectations into this day?
Who am I going to be with today?
What am I going to do today?
How do I feel about it today?
What am I going to create today?
Am I feeling strong? Frightened?
Do I need someone's approval today?
Will I need to be courageous?
Thank you Spirit for all questions and all answers.

Thank you for guiding our thoughts and actions .
I am grateful.
Lots of Love and Light to us all and our issues and relationships.

05 May, 2005


What secrets do I have from myself ?
What do I hide from myself ?
What thoughts do I censor ?

Why do I keep secrets from myself ?

"If I reveal myself I will not be understood," ?
"I will be unjustly criticized."?
" I will not be loved "?

What about privacy ?

Privacy is a ligitimate need of the soul. We all need privacy. Space. A thought, and idea , a work of art , something that you have created, may need to time to mature and complete itself for a while before it is ready to be shared and opened to others.

I read , that secrets , on the other hand always hide something negative otherwise they would not be kept secret.
Is it so ?

Why would you want to keep something hidden from others ?
A problem shared is a problem halved.
What if the secret is something good , something fantastic ?
What could that be ?
Say I found the secret of the meaning of life or the secret of being happy ?
There are secrets that are later revealed , in which case , they are not really secrets.

My mind wanders and I think of copywrites , I think of ownership, I think of patents.
People patent things , ideas, concepts, products and earn money.
Whose idea was it in the first place ?
Can you "own " ideas ?
Is it OK to steal ideas ?
Is it really stealing ?
Where do ideas come from ?
Creative people "steal" ideas all the time.


Owning land is another concept I am not comfortble with .
Whose land is it in the first place?

There was a commercial on TV recently : buy a star for a loved one !
Hehe .. how can you buy a star ? How ridiculous ! Yet there must be people who do it. Commercials cost money , and they would not do it if there wasn't a demand .. amazing !

You would know the secret of death.
But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life?
Kahlil Gibran

04 May, 2005

Dream job

Dream Job
A story for Divine Humans or "Creating Love & Money"...By Rae K. Jensan with Archangel Metatron
Goldie was in a tough spot in her life. Again! She felt miserable and afraid and that her life was meaningless. She felt alone and unloved, and definitely unappreciated. "I'm so tired of this," she said, with a heavy sigh and a despondent voice. "I've struggled all my life and grown so much and learned so much about myself. I've studied every spiritual thing out there and made leaps and bounds in my emotional development, but still I feel like my life doesn't work! I am highly intelligent, physically beautiful (if it weren't for the 50 extra pounds!), gifted with music and artistic talent, skilled in many things, have experienced more things than most people do in an entire lifetime, and I am 35 and empty inside. I have no incoming work, no money to pay bills and rent this month, no local friends, no contact with my family, no car. nothing. I have never owned my own home or even lived somewhere I felt was truly home. I just don't know if it's worth all this struggle. I would rather not be spiritual but have a decent lifestyle! I wish things were different!"
Goldie had listened to her inner guidance many times and this time it had led her to move to an island paradise with no money, no work and no resources. She didn't really question it, she just knew that she was supposed to go there and that everything would be alright.
One day when she felt that she just couldn't take it anymore, she met someone with a very intriguing offer. On one of her daily walks along the beach, a man appeared and while she was standing in the surf and playing tag with the rolling waves exploding on the beach, a man appeared along side her.
He watched her play and she became nervous by his presence and proximity so she decided to greet him and said hello. He nodded a little and just smiled at her. She became more uncomfortable and then asked him, "can I help you?"
He took several seconds to answer and her level of discomfort had turned into an icky feeling up the back of her neck. She was about to turn and walk away, chalking him up to another psycho male who admired her physical beauty with a certain distasteful lust in his eyes.
But then he said "Wait. I'm sorry. I don't mean to make you uncomfortable.It's just that I thought you would recognize me, because I know you very well." She looked at him long and hard and while there might have been something in his eyes that was familiar, there was nothing about him physically that was familiar. She no longer felt uncomfortable though. Just when she was about to ask him who he was he started to tell her.
"I'm Metatron, and we have known each other since the beginning of time. I come from the higher realms and have created a physical persona for you today so that we may share some time together in a way that you feel secure." She immediately looked around to see if it appeared that others could see him.
Just then a dog's Frisbee was thrown at his feet and the dog came bounding over yipping. Metatron leaned over and picked up the frisbee. The dog yipped with eagerness as if he was saying "OK, I'm ready, throw it. Go! Let's go! I'm ready!" Metatron threw the frisbee and the dog's owner hollered "Thank you."
"Ok, so others see him!" she thought to herself. "Phew. At least I'm not the only one hallucinating if he really is who he says he is!"
"I don't mean to be rude or anything, but why should I trust you and believe you?" she asked.
"You don't have to trust or believe me with your mind. You have choice and free will. What does your heart-your feelings-tell you?"
"Well, I guess my feelings are saying that I have no reason not to believe you and that your energy actually feels very good, so I am willing to trust those feelings long enough to see where this goes." She took a step back just to feel safer.
Metatron replied with a kind and gentle voice and said, "I came here today to show you how much you are loved. I've been listening to your rants and cries and watching you torture yourself, and I have come to show you that you are only doing it to yourself."
"You have been asking for work that fulfills you and compensates you what you are worth and provides enough money for all of your desires. You have asked for work that you are passionate about, that gives you joy, and that makes you feel that you are contributing and making a difference. You have asked for work that is fun and that uses all of your skills and talents. I am here to offer you the job. There is a position open that has truly been divinely designed to be a perfect fit for you. Are you interested?"
As he was speaking, Goldie started getting chills up and down her spine and had goosebumps all over. Her heart was buzzing and her face was lit up. It felt like this was the moment she'd always been waiting for - like winning the lottery or a huge competition!
"Am I interested? Are you kidding? I suppose you just have to ask that as a formality, right? You know, to get my `permission' on a spiritual level? You already know my answer!""Please! Tell me, tell me!!" she cried out with excitement.
Metatron sat down in the sand. Goldie joined him. "Well then," he said, "Let's get started."
"The first thing I need to know is what salary do you want?"
She looked at him rather puzzled. "Don't you need to tell me what the job is first so I know what my skills are worth? I don't want to say something too high or too low, plus I would think the job would already come with a salary range that has been budgeted."
He chuckled. "Ahh yes, Beloved One, that is a very common thought pattern and belief with you westernized humans! Let me assure you that this job is everything you've always wanted and you get to name your price and design it to your liking, so the answer to your question is no, I do not need to tell you what your skills areworth. You need to tell me what your skills are worth! I understand it's not an easy thing for you, dear one! When you have been living a lifetime being told by others that you are unworthy, it is a mighty challenge to recognize and honor your worth and value!"
Goldie sighed, "Yes, I get that. Of course this wasn't going to be too easy! Of course I'd have to struggle with resistance inside myself on my way to fulfilling a dream!! Why can't fulfillment be easy?"
Metatron laughed a booming laugh. He was laughing as if he had just heard the funniest thing ever said. "Dearest Goldie, I am now stating that part of your job description will be that all things must be done with ease. If you struggle, resist and do things the hard way you will lose your salary! Are you still interested?"
"Of course I am!!" she blurted with exasperation. "Ok. I get it. This is all a test and you're teaching me another lesson. Can't I be done with the damned lessons? I'm so tired of all of this? I just want to be happy, be a divine human and give!"
"Is that all you want? Are you sure?"
"Yes" she shouted with frustration.
"You are asking for the lessons my dear one, every time you feign like you don't know the truth! You are asking for the lessons every time you judge yourself and forget that you already are a divine human, that you already give and that you can be happy any moment you choose!"
"Okay, okay" she replied with a tone of sarcasm, "Can we please move on with the job? Alright, without really knowing what this job is going to entail it's hard for me to say what it's worth and what I'm worth doing the job, but what I'd really like is about $50,000 a month. Now I know that's probably crazy but that's what I'd reallylike if it were a perfect world. And I know that I'm worth it and so much more on many levels, especially compared to many of the top executives, celebrities and wealthy people out there. "
"Excellent!" replied Metatron. "I will submit your salary for $50,000 a month then."
"Really? That easy, huh? Of course. So are you going to tell me what the job is, then?"
"Yes, dear one. Just one more thing I need to know from you. You can't get fired from this job, but you can resign if you choose to, however when you do the job with resistance, difficulty, force or stress, your pay will be reduced. It will even be possible to receive no salary for a period of time if you go too far off the path of least resistance! Knowing that you can't get it wrong or get fired, are you still willing to give 100% to this job?"
"Geeze! Of course! I've always been a very hard worker and someone who goes above and beyond, and I'm not about to stop that now! Especially when we're talking about my dream job and that kind of money! Plus I've got to earn it . I'd never be comfortable accepting that kind of money if I didn't feel that I was earning it.""Ok then, but are you willing to be open as to how you define 'earn'? If you think it means you have to work long hard hours and be filled with stress, then this is not the job for you."
"Absolutely! I get it. Ease. Effortless. Let it flow. So please tell me! What is that job and when can I start?"
"Well then, congratulations! You are hired. The job starts immediately.
You are now the Executive in charge of Love in your life. In order to receive your salary you must do the following:
Love yourself unconditionally and at all times. This means you must stop self-judgment and behaviors that are detrimental to yourself. Keep yourself in a state of joy and happiness continually. If you notice yourself falling into lower vibrations, you must bring yourself back into love and joy through your feelings. You must dosomething-anything-to change how you feel in the moment. Call a friend who uplifts, exercise, walk, watch a funny movie, play in the water and sand at the beach, take a scenic drive, listen to your favorite music, play with a child, play like a child by swinging on a swing or jumping on a trampoline or playing a game!
There are endless small things you can do that will snap you back into the higher vibrations. This will be the hardest responsibility for you as you will find times when it seems you are in a hole so deep you can't see daylight, and this is when your pay will start being reduced, so it is the time that is the most important for youto find a way out! If you stay in the hole too long, you will find yourself struggling for survival again because the money will stop.
But you would not be given this responsibility if you did not have the ability and the skills to do this. Your salary will always begin flowing again with every feeling that you feel that is of the Love Vibration. Trust. Trust Love. Trust your feelings. Trust yourself. Trust your guidance. The second you start distrusting is the second you have left the Love Vibration and your pay will again begin reducing immediately. Love others and more importantly have compassion for everyone. Allow them their journey no matter what.Even if you see them hurting, you cannot "help them," you can only honor them for the choices they have made. Think happy thoughts! Think joy-filled thoughts! Think love-filled thoughts! The more love and joy you experience, the more money from your salary will come in and it will come in much more frequently.
If you make things hard or do them with resistance and stress then your pay will be reduced also. Your earning potential is purely based on how good you can make yourself feel. If you allow yourself to stop feeling good you will notice that the flow of money reduces.
It is possible for it to reduce to nothing if you allow yourself to judge yourself, feel bad, be angry, sad or depressed, question the why and how of everything in your life, stop trusting, or forget that you are a divine human and dearly loved by all of creation."So, do you have any questions Beloved Goldie?"
"Yes. Lots. Why don't I feel good about this? Why don't I feel overwhelmed with excitement? I think I'm more afraid that excited. I'm afraid I can't do it. I'm afraid I won't get paid. I feel incompetent and that I'm not worth it anyway. How can I expect to be in the world and live my life and get paid for just feeling good? That seems absurd!"
"Well my dear, that is precisely what humans have been conditioned to believe for many millennia. Do you believe that you are supposed to follow the herd and believe the same way, or follow what feels rightand good and true and love-based to you? Ask yourself if there is anything about this job that doesn't add to you. Ask yourself if there is anything about this job that you even need to discuss with anyone else. Don't you think you can do this job and nobody even has to know that this is your secret? Your magic?"
"But if it's really possible and that good, then I want to share it with others! I hate keeping good things from other people!"
"Precious one, how can you share it if you do not first do it yourself?"
"But where is this money going to come from? Who's paying my salary?"
"That is not for you to concern yourself with. It will come in forms that match the vibration from which you summoned it. Anything is possible. Don't you think that those of us in the higher realms who sit at the threshold of all creation, that we would know how to manifest some simple human money? You must remember that money is not real. Exchange is real. Money is merely a paper or material exchange. It is a symbol. It matters not in the eyes of creation whether money is represented by $1 or $1,000,000,000. It is only an increased summoning of a higher vibration. That is a matter of trust again, dear one. You must trust and then you must allow and be open to receiving. If you are closed off, it will come to you but you will not see it in order to receive it."
Goldie sighed again, then stood up and brushed the sand off of her backside. "Ok then, sign me up" and she extended her hand to Metatron to help him up and shake his hand.Metatron gave her a huge hug and offered her congratulations. "There's just one small formality. I need you to write the pledge in the sand and speak it, thus acknowledging your commitment to this job."
Goldie knelt down and with her finger she wrote as he spoke:I Goldie, am a divine human.I am Love. I am Loved.My job is to live joyfully and filled with love.I am worthy. I am worth it.And so it is.
She stood up and he told her to say it altogether.She turned to the crashing surf and the azure sea and shouted
"I Goldie, am a divine human. I am Love. I am Loved. My job is to live joyfully and filled with love. I am worthy. I am worth it. And so it is."
Tears of joy streamed down her face as her soul recognized that she had remembered her true purpose. She shouted it again andwhooped with joy and laughter. She turned around to give Metatron another hug and he was gone. There were no footprints leading away from their spot. He was nowhere to be seen. There was only the manand his dog still playing frisbee.
Goldie smiled to herself."And so it is" she whispered.
Months later Goldie was in the grocery. An angry lady in line behind her was starting to make a scene because the person in front of Goldie had too many items for the express lane they were in. Goldie stood there and began focusing on a huge shower of love and joy coming down from the heavens all around them. The lady got really loud and obnoxious saying how stupid people are when they don't follow the rules and other derogatory remarks. Goldie just held her ground and increased the love and joy coming down on all of them. The woman in front with too many items was apologizing profusely to the clerk and explaining that she had not seen the sign and since the clerk didn't say anything it wasn't her fault. She turned to look back at the angry woman and apologize to her face and the angry woman said, "Oh my God, Stella? is that you? I have been looking for you for 10 years!"
Goldie moved out of the way and the women embraced. "I'm sorry about my fit. I'm just in a big hurry because my husband is in the hospital from heart surgery and I've got to pick up my kids from school and get to the hospital within visiting hours."
There is a lot of magic in the midst of love an joy. Just be love and joy andeverything has a way of working out. Goldie was truly happy. She had grown accustomed to feeling good all the time. Because her vibration was so high in the love frequency she never even attracted negative things happening to her anymore. And at times like that in the grocery store, she knew that she was there for a reason and that she needed to have compassion for the angry woman but not get involved - at least not on a human level! Because she felt good all the time, projects, money, opportunities, trips, and parties came to her on a continual basis.
She had had a devil of a time in the beginning. The first few days after the beach she just couldn't conceive of where $50,000 a month was going to come from no matter what she did! It was a little rough for the first few weeks as she turned on the valve of feeling good and it was wide open, and she magically received money from something she had done long ago and never been paid for. She faltered a few times when people from her past showed up and tried to use her they way they had before.
Over time, she began to understand and it made it even more fun and exciting to see how much joy, love, pleasure and fun she could summon in her vibration every hour of every day to see what would show up next. She met people she'd only dreamt of meeting. She magically was guided to show up at the beach at times when events were happening or someone would ask her if she was so-and-so. You see. when you are in the vibration of love and joy, you have a glow about you and everyone - yes, everyone - is attracted to it. The more people are attracted to your vibration the more they either swear they know you or they really want to know you - almost like being a celebrity!Goldie is now the one that gets all the calls to do the cool things. And the money just keeps on flowing. She even received a courier delivery of $10,000 cash one time. The red Wells Fargo truck came to her door and a man with a gun on his belt told her he needed her to sign for the delivery. She looked to see who it was from and it simply said International Abundance Merchant Unlimited. She tried to look them up on the internet and it appears that IAMU doesn't exist on the earth plane!
She smiled and thanked Metatron out loud. "Yes, you did say money was easy for you to create. I remember it well. I love you Metatron."
By Rae K. Jensan with Archangel MetatronMaui, HIJuly 24, 2004©2004 Clear Light Productionsmailto:retdavis@hotmail.

Insight meditation

Do everything with a mind that lets go.
Do not expect any praise or reward.
If you let go a little, you will have a little peace.
If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.
If you let go completely, you will know complete peace and freedom.
Your struggles with the worldwill have come to an end.

insight meditation - achaan chah


Is the teaching of the late Achaan Chah of Thailand, regarded as a monk who attained nirvana. He was a world renowned Master of meditation and his discourses have been translated into English in the book "A Still Forest Pool" by Jack Kornfield & Paul Breiter.

"You are the question and the answer," Achaan Chah

03 May, 2005

Kahlil Gibran's Thought for the day



Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.
But you are eternity and you are the mirror.
Kahlil Gibran