13 April, 2013

Beautiful and oh so moving

" There is an amplified strength in numbers. A lone violin is enchanting, but when swept into the crescendo of a full string section, its effect is proportionately exponential. One of you in the world is a blessing. A thousand of you are a miracle. A million of you will forever transform the planet." 

- - Panache Desai

Beautiful and oh so moving . Beauty has a way of bringing tears to my eyes. Lovely !  

12 April, 2013

A meeting of souls


A meeting of souls starts around the new moon with homemade elderflower champagne and nibbles; avocado paté on pumpernickel and homemade smoked salmon paté on beer bread croutons, followed by spinach , ricotta and chantarelle lasagna and lemon mousse with crunchy ginger snaps for dessert.

Nourishment for body and soul.

Three months have whizzed by since we last met. Where are we now ? What do we need to share ?

We create a space for the Divine to join us and there are always miracles and magic in all of this.