30 September, 2008

Today , like any other day , love love love

Happy New Year to our Jewish friends.
Happy Birthday , Johanna ,
love and peace in all dimensions.

A New Moon yesterday marks a time of new beginnings . My new vision board has been conceived and is gestating.

" grace ...allowing ......all with love and ease...prosperity love in relationships "

( I am going to include JOY and WELL-BEING too )

The wording may change. My Vision Board will evolve. My plan is to allow this to develop and grow over the next couple of weeks till the moon is full.

It is a beginning
I won't know where I am going until I get there , will I ? What an exciting journey though. Peace in all dimensions ......... to be continued .........

29 September, 2008


Today I intend to send blessings to my home.
My home is my house and also my body.
Home is where my heart is.
Home is the seat of my soul.
I love and appreciate my home.
Blessed be.

My home is a beautiful happy home
My home is full of love ,light, laughter and well-being
My home is the perfect home for me
My home is safe and affordable
My home is accessible
My home is spacious
My home is perfect for work and play
My home is blessed by the angels.

I am very grateful for my home.
Thank you.

27 September, 2008

Two affirmations to improve finances.

Financially comfortable

I am financially comfortable.

I allow my income to constantly expand.

I am now moving beyond my present income.

My consciousness of finances is constantly expanding and taking in new ideas

---new ways to live deeply, richly, comfortably, joyfully and beautifully.

My skills and talents serve me well ,

and I share them with the world with the greatest of pleasure.

Money appears easily and effortlessly when I need it.

I acknowledge my worth and I move into acceptance of an entirely new level of financial security.

My money is working for me for the highest good.

Financial security is a constant in my life.

A good income without working hard
It is okay to make a good income without working hard.

As I employ my Higher Self, my Higher Self employs me.
What a wonderful, brilliant, delicate, strong, beautiful energy my inner spirit is.
It blesses me with fulfilling work.
Each day is new and different.
As I let go of the struggle to survive,
I find that I am fed, clothed, housed,
and loved in ways that are deeply fulfilling to me.
I make it okay for myself and others
to have money without working hard at a job.
I am worthy of bringing in good money
without struggling in the rat race or fighting traffic.
I follow my higher instincts and listen to my heart in all that I do.

I employ positive thoughts.

Louise Hay

17 September, 2008

My opinion on Paulo Coelho's post " The Dream of God "

I like the idea that we are a dream and nightmare of God/Goddess.

Dreams speak in a language that our waking self must interpret before it understands.

I do feel that we as a society are awakening within this dream and nightmare. Many are forced into awakening through some kind of personal crisis , pain or suffering.

As I look around at the lives of my friends and acquaintances I see them all filled with changes and challenges and each challenge is unique as each Dream is unique.

I also see that there are guides, physical and non physical beings with great generosity of spirit that are willing to share their wisdom , potential and resources for the Highest Good.

Among the well-known teachers present and past and sources of inspiration .... Paulo Coelho, Deepak Chopra, Exckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfry, Byron Katie , Dr Roberto Assagioli, Burt Harding, Dalai Lama , Sri Maharishi, Joe Vitale, Wayne Dyer...... and many many very wise lesser known and unknowns.

In a few days we will be celebrating the UN Global Day of Peace and hopefully this will involve BILLIONS !

Many good intentions about.
Many have CHOSEN peace and love instead of fear.
I am optimistic that our collective dream will have a happy ending which will also be the beginning of a new dream.


Namasté ...love and brightest blessings to you and what you do.
Thank you !