15 October, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010: blessings to water everywhere.

( Can't do without you water ) 

I am aware of the problems and I intend to focus on solutions. Like www.water.org , envision the day when everyone can have safe water.
Please watch the video and visit www.water.org for ideas and inspiration that lead to solutions. THANK YOU !

Water awareness: bottled water

Bottled or tap water ? 

04 October, 2010

All about 2012

There's a LOT of thought provoking stuff in this movie. Choice, our ability to choose , question and think for ourselves is probably our most important gift and talent. Discernment, blessed be !

FULL MOVIE - 2012 The Online Movie FINAL UPDATE -- (2010)

01 October, 2010

"BREAKFAST WITH GOD, PART 5" ( Maureen Moss )

"The Illusion"

Dearest Hearts,
As always, I pray you are well.

This conversation began while sitting in my backyard one evening, contemplating the profound, blasting energies I had been experiencing all week, in spite of the fact that I had been spending a great deal of time in an altered state, giving birth to the nine-month Tele-Course, "Birthing The Heart and Mind of God."

So there I was on my deck and along comes the biggest dragonfly I have ever seen in my life. It was like a small helicopter, that undoubtedly I could have seen from my neighbor's house.

Oddly, he (or she) had gotten seemingly trapped behind one of the pull down bamboo screens in a semi-enclosed portion on the deck, and he was struggling like crazy to get out. The strange thing is that all he had to do was fly to the openings on either side of the screen and he'd be free. He just wouldn't do it.

Of course I walked over to assist him, raising the screen, and using my hands to carefully prompt him toward his freedom. In a frenzied state, he continued to resist making the obvious move out. I could barely believe I was witnessing this hefty dragonfly's struggle. After fifteen minutes of attempting to help him, I sat back down, knowing that when he chose to be free, he would be. There was nothing I could do at that point.

Still, fascinated and saddened by the dragonfly's plight, and knowing the dragonfly represents illusion, I thought about the millions of us, whether for moments, days, months or years, that keep ourselves trapped and suffering in illusion when there is always a doorway out, positioned right next to the illusion that we are in. We just look in the wrong direction, or don't look at all, believing the illusion is reality, and there we stay, stuck, trapped, suffering, and developing yet another erroneous belief about ourselves.

"Interesting, isn't it? I heard."

"It really is," I said. "It's one thing to be intellectually aware of the illusion, and to even be aware that one moves in and out of it, however to watch what happens in the illusion right before your eyes is quite another story. I am taking notes here. I'm noticing that this dragonfly is so convinced he is trapped, that he is, though his freedom is merely inches away from him. Wow, what a metaphor."

"The dragonfly has agreed to put on a play for you. You have been
focused on finding the doorway(s) out of illusion for weeks now, running up against it a bit too often for your taste, and look what you have been presented with. Exactly what you have been thinking about. That is always the way, isn't it? What you think, you attract. In Truth, the dragonfly isn't even there. It's a projection of your mind, made seemingly real.

What you are watching is an illusion, created by your mind, so you could have an experience of seeing what illusion looks like in a physical manner, along with an obvious viewing of how close the way out of the illusion is.

Did you know that everything, except love, is an illusion? That's a key for you, and ought to simplify things. True love, the love born of a God Consciousness, having no agenda, and unattached to the mind, is the only reality that exists.

So what does that tell you? Keep your mind out of everything but love, and experience true reality. Your mind is like a pushcart that you steer. Through your mind you are either pushing the ongoing movement of illusion, or you are pushing love. Consider that Truth, and ask yourself what do you wish to push into your reality, more illusion, or the One Truth?

Some reading this may be thinking thoughts that seem very real to them. My body is sick and that's not an illusion, it's the truth, or my finances are drying up and that's not an illusion. I can't find a job, or a loving relationship or balance or peace, and that's the truth.
I tell you that it is all an illusion.

None of that is true, in the higher stream of your consciousness, which is My Consciousness, in you.

That you are thinking through a lower stream of your consciousness makes each of your perceptions, both your truth, and your reality. And, you will continue to experience each as truth and reality until you make the only shift that matters... into a higher stream of your consciousness where your entire perception changes, about everything, as do your circumstances. That is My Law and My Promise.

Whatever you are experiencing right now you chose to produce in your life as an experience, not a reality, to carve a path to your Higher Authentic Self. When you hold on to an experience after its expiration, you have created a distortion known as illusion, and the energy of the experience continues to 'form' around you, solidifying itself, often staying for years, if not your entire life, making it seem like reality.

Once you realize this, and separate yourself from the illusion, through a higher stream of your consciousness, it will disappear like the mirage of a river in the middle of a desert.

This is an important teaching in Mastery. This is where the play of Maya stops for you, as you step up into God Consciousness where all of your ideas and concepts are reorganized and transformed, and your struggling and suffering cease.

Would you like another secret to Mastery? Reject nothing. If you reject something you will have to accept something else and if you accept something else, you'll have to reject something. What you reject is an illusion and what you accept is an illusion. Let everything be as it is. Even love is not something to accept. It is a tranquil state of being.

This is another doorway out of the illusion. Remember the doorway out is as close to you as the belief that there is no way out.

Let Me alert you to something that occurs when illusions become exposed, so you are not blindsided.

All demons will consolidate and attack; meaning that all of your lower nature, lower mind and ego will turn up the heat, in an attempt to keep you trapped in illusion. It will use fear as a weapon, so pay attention to the signs. This is where millions, if not civilizations, throughout your history have fallen between the cracks. Don't allow it to happen to you, again. Find the doorway out of the illusion, and all attempts to keep you trapped will fail.

You are not the trapped dragonfly regardless of any of your circumstances. Look for the doorway out; it is within your Higher Mind, your higher stream of consciousness. Look for it.
Each one of you must agree to be complete with illusion if you are to experience Ascension and the completion of your personal inoperative systems. Remember that each time you are in struggle or conflict of any kind, you are in an illusion and you are standing very close to the doorway out.

Stay quiet in your mind, and approach the doorway. It will open, if you believe it, and you will be free."

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