09 December, 2010

The whole universe is a phenomenon of desire.

From a Sufi perspective, the whole universe is a phenomenon of desire. The Divine desire pervades all things & beings, empowering each according to its capacity. For the mystic, the truest education is the education of desire. By means of this education the indwelling Divine desire is liberated from the constraints of ego and becomes a force for the transfiguration of the world. -Pir Zia Inayat  

This is also my truth . Ommmmmmmmm xxx

Psychosynthesis typology symbols

These symbols appear in the booklet Psychosynthesis Typology ( I TIPI HUMANI ) by Roberto Assagioli , MD. 

What do these symbols mean ? 

If happen to reading this , and know more, please share .


Thank you .
Namasté .

Examining my scary thoughts

I pick up the local paper and I read the headlines:

" rent increases of 40% mean that people will have to move "

Every year rents are increased and this year shockingly high increases are predicted.

Reading things like that make me feel both angry and sad.
Immediately I relate it to me.

What if I can't afford to live here ?

I LOVE my home

I don't want to move.......but what if I have to ?

Fear in the pit of my stomach. I feel sick to my stomach ( it's easy to see how this thought, if not checked can lead to tummy ache or some gastric complaint :roll.)


All these thoughts indicate a POSSIBLE future , not a certain one , but in my mind , the worst has already happened judge and jury have had their say and I am a homeless person out in the cold far away from my comfy cosy home.

B* !!!

Why do I torture myself with these thoughts ?? Scary thoughts like these , thousands of them that pass through my brain HQ daily.
Ridiculous . These thoughts are not necessarily true, after all !!!

Let's EXAMINE this thought.

" I can't afford to live here" is it true ?
It might be
Can I really be sure that it is true ?
How do I feel/ react when I have this thought ?
Angry , sad, depressed, helpless , vulnerable .....
Who would I be without this thought ?
I'd be ok ... I'd be at peace .. I would be calm ... I'd be happy ...
Don't drop the thought " I can't afford to live here" , but can I see a reason for dropping it ?


Turn it around :

"I CAN afford to live here" .. "I am living here" .. "I have always been able to pay my rent "I can't afford to be thinking these thoughts"

Are these thoughts equally true ?

"What if I can't afford to live here ?"
Well.. I'll deal with that when the time comes IF it comes.

Feeling better now

* Inspired by Byron Katie's , The Work . 

My day

My day is my spiritual practice .

The person you are becoming

Every person with whom you interact is a part of the person you are becoming. Not a single interaction with a single person is left out of the process of your becoming .

Don't take it personally

They didn't do it to you - they would have done it to anybody
You happened to be there.
That's all .

25 November, 2010

20 November, 2010

Leonard Cohen.Bird on the Wire. London. 2008

Leonard Cohen on Q TV (CBC exclusive)

It's a Leonard Cohen sort of day here. A friend told me about the BBC film " a bird on a wire " which unfortunately is not available here in Sweden, so I found this instead.

Leonard Cohen at home. Simply so ! Simply beautiful . Bless him x

16 November, 2010


Mandalas are fascinating. As I gaze at these symbols , patterns and colours I feel their wordless messages touching my soul.

12 November, 2010

Matthew James and empowerment

Dr Matthew James talks about the power of  Huna and Ho'oponopono , a way of releasing your black baggage , healing and moving on .

His website is full of interesting stuff and articles you can download for free.

Pono: Hawaiian for Unconditional Love
Loving yourself and others go hand-in-hand
By Dr. Matthew B. James
...... I teach Huna, the ancient Hawaiian system of energy and healing. One of the fundamental principles of Huna is that we become “pono” with ourselves. 
Pono is a Hawaiian word that means to make things right — not as in “I’m right, you’re wrong,” but right with each other and the situation. Pono is a feeling of congruency and calmness to the extent that nothing needs to be said. When applied to your feelings about yourself, to become pono is to love yourself unconditionally.
If you constantly criticize yourself, you undermine your efforts to improve yourself. Only when you overcome negative emotions and limiting beliefs about yourself can you truly become pono in a way that empowers you to achieve your goals and be pono with others.
The Huna process of forgiveness is called ho`oponopono, which literally means to make something doubly pono. In doing research for my dissertation, I found that those who engaged in ho‘oponopono experienced a statistically significant reduction in unforgiveness compared to a control group.
This research was the first time ho‘oponopono has been studied as a process-based approach to forgiveness. It validated this method as an effective therapeutic approach for improving relationships and mental health.
There are many different approaches to ho'oponopono. My book, The Foundation of Huna: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times, focuses on a process used for hundreds of years within the lineage that I carry. 
This form of ho'oponopono takes place on the mental plane — you mentally disconnect from the old way of being with a person and then create a new relationship. This is an ancient variant on the modern process known as Neuro Linquistic Programming, or NLP. NLP is a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques that allows a person to change, adopt or eliminate behaviors and choose mental, emotional, and physical states of wellbeing.
Sometimes it seems easier to change our feelings about other people than it is to let go of long-held negative feelings about ourselves. One way to do both is to realize that negative emotions towards ourselves and others are two sides of the same coin.
When you look in the mirror, what do you say to yourself? Most of us talk worse to ourselves than we ever do to others. You cannot do that and be pono. Yet being pono is key to breaking the hold that negative self-talk and limiting decisions have on our ability to grow and change. In the same way, as we release negative emotions about ourselves, it frees us to truly love others.
If this sounds like just a bunch of self-affirmation, think of this: When you are on an airplane and the flight attendant gives the safety talk, they always say: “If an emergency occurs, make sure you put a mask on yourself before you put it on someone else.” There is a reason for that.
It’s the same with parents and other caregivers. I have two kids and I know that in order to take care of my kids, I have to take care of myself. In fact, each reinforces the other. 
The better I care for myself, the better I am able to care for others. And the more I love myself and others, the easier it is for me to be gracious, forgiving and truly pono. 
At its essence, Ho‘oponopono is grounded in the idea of unconditional love. Forgiveness is not just a byproduct of learning to love unconditionally — it is a requirement for learning to truly love others and ourselves.
About the Author: Dr. James is President of Kona University. His new book, The Foundation of Huna: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times, details forgiveness and meditation techniques used in Hawaii for hundreds of years. He carries on the lineage of the one of the last practicing kahuna of mental health and wellbeing. Dr. James is among 20 top experts in the fields of medicine, nutrition, weight loss, spirituality and the mind featured in The Inner Weigh™, a new documentary that shares secrets to permanent weight reduction without deprivation and negative body image.

My notes :

Being comes first
Know your purpose
Forgive , heal and move on 

Bringer of Light by Story Waters

Unified with ALL -THAT-  IS  and the choice to be on this planet .

We are all one !

Neale Donald Walsch , author of the popular and inspiring " Conversations with God" and " When Everything Changes , Change everything " is also the founder of Humanity's Team 

We must—human beings simply must—come to a new understanding of Who We Are and why we are here.   We must come to a new and larger awareness of our true relationship with the Divine and with all of Life.  And we must come to a new decision about the real nature of our connection to each other.

Find out more about  Humanities Team , here :  

11 November, 2010

11-11-10 Love Light and Harmony to All Sentient Beings

The new moon outside the hospital tonight.

I've just listened to blog talk radio  and will now go to bed inspired to dream sweet dreams and prepare to join the 11-11 meditation  ( tomorrow at 5 a.m. my time ) Happy 11/11/10 everyone !

Over 100,000 people from all over the world will be sending their love, light and positive intentions into the universe in an effort to reharmonize the world-wide energy streams to affect positive change for a brighter future.
This positive transmission of information will take place as follows:
  1. Meditation tonight (11.11. 2010) at 11:11pm EST (please google timezone converter and find out how it translates for you) for 11 minutes (go in the quietude, let go, connect with the primal source). We want to have as many people doing it at the exact same time so that we can magnify the effects of this energy going out into the universe. However, if you cannot participate at the exact time, any positive energy you can emmit at your own designated time with help the cause.
  2. After those 11 minutes: with one thought and a loving heart send light, love, qi energy and peace to Mother Earth.
  3. Close with a mantra or a short prayer for Mother Earth; sing or recite (for example, Ma Ya Hai).
To achieve the highest possible success with the energy transmission, we ask you to practice this meditation for 11 days in a row.
We are certain that with your participation we can affect positive change in this world!
Peace and Blessings,
The New Reality Team
P.S - Please post this on facebook to spread the word!!!

15 October, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010: blessings to water everywhere.

( Can't do without you water ) 

I am aware of the problems and I intend to focus on solutions. Like www.water.org , envision the day when everyone can have safe water.
Please watch the video and visit www.water.org for ideas and inspiration that lead to solutions. THANK YOU !

Water awareness: bottled water

Bottled or tap water ? 

04 October, 2010

All about 2012

There's a LOT of thought provoking stuff in this movie. Choice, our ability to choose , question and think for ourselves is probably our most important gift and talent. Discernment, blessed be !

FULL MOVIE - 2012 The Online Movie FINAL UPDATE -- (2010)

01 October, 2010

"BREAKFAST WITH GOD, PART 5" ( Maureen Moss )

"The Illusion"

Dearest Hearts,
As always, I pray you are well.

This conversation began while sitting in my backyard one evening, contemplating the profound, blasting energies I had been experiencing all week, in spite of the fact that I had been spending a great deal of time in an altered state, giving birth to the nine-month Tele-Course, "Birthing The Heart and Mind of God."

So there I was on my deck and along comes the biggest dragonfly I have ever seen in my life. It was like a small helicopter, that undoubtedly I could have seen from my neighbor's house.

Oddly, he (or she) had gotten seemingly trapped behind one of the pull down bamboo screens in a semi-enclosed portion on the deck, and he was struggling like crazy to get out. The strange thing is that all he had to do was fly to the openings on either side of the screen and he'd be free. He just wouldn't do it.

Of course I walked over to assist him, raising the screen, and using my hands to carefully prompt him toward his freedom. In a frenzied state, he continued to resist making the obvious move out. I could barely believe I was witnessing this hefty dragonfly's struggle. After fifteen minutes of attempting to help him, I sat back down, knowing that when he chose to be free, he would be. There was nothing I could do at that point.

Still, fascinated and saddened by the dragonfly's plight, and knowing the dragonfly represents illusion, I thought about the millions of us, whether for moments, days, months or years, that keep ourselves trapped and suffering in illusion when there is always a doorway out, positioned right next to the illusion that we are in. We just look in the wrong direction, or don't look at all, believing the illusion is reality, and there we stay, stuck, trapped, suffering, and developing yet another erroneous belief about ourselves.

"Interesting, isn't it? I heard."

"It really is," I said. "It's one thing to be intellectually aware of the illusion, and to even be aware that one moves in and out of it, however to watch what happens in the illusion right before your eyes is quite another story. I am taking notes here. I'm noticing that this dragonfly is so convinced he is trapped, that he is, though his freedom is merely inches away from him. Wow, what a metaphor."

"The dragonfly has agreed to put on a play for you. You have been
focused on finding the doorway(s) out of illusion for weeks now, running up against it a bit too often for your taste, and look what you have been presented with. Exactly what you have been thinking about. That is always the way, isn't it? What you think, you attract. In Truth, the dragonfly isn't even there. It's a projection of your mind, made seemingly real.

What you are watching is an illusion, created by your mind, so you could have an experience of seeing what illusion looks like in a physical manner, along with an obvious viewing of how close the way out of the illusion is.

Did you know that everything, except love, is an illusion? That's a key for you, and ought to simplify things. True love, the love born of a God Consciousness, having no agenda, and unattached to the mind, is the only reality that exists.

So what does that tell you? Keep your mind out of everything but love, and experience true reality. Your mind is like a pushcart that you steer. Through your mind you are either pushing the ongoing movement of illusion, or you are pushing love. Consider that Truth, and ask yourself what do you wish to push into your reality, more illusion, or the One Truth?

Some reading this may be thinking thoughts that seem very real to them. My body is sick and that's not an illusion, it's the truth, or my finances are drying up and that's not an illusion. I can't find a job, or a loving relationship or balance or peace, and that's the truth.
I tell you that it is all an illusion.

None of that is true, in the higher stream of your consciousness, which is My Consciousness, in you.

That you are thinking through a lower stream of your consciousness makes each of your perceptions, both your truth, and your reality. And, you will continue to experience each as truth and reality until you make the only shift that matters... into a higher stream of your consciousness where your entire perception changes, about everything, as do your circumstances. That is My Law and My Promise.

Whatever you are experiencing right now you chose to produce in your life as an experience, not a reality, to carve a path to your Higher Authentic Self. When you hold on to an experience after its expiration, you have created a distortion known as illusion, and the energy of the experience continues to 'form' around you, solidifying itself, often staying for years, if not your entire life, making it seem like reality.

Once you realize this, and separate yourself from the illusion, through a higher stream of your consciousness, it will disappear like the mirage of a river in the middle of a desert.

This is an important teaching in Mastery. This is where the play of Maya stops for you, as you step up into God Consciousness where all of your ideas and concepts are reorganized and transformed, and your struggling and suffering cease.

Would you like another secret to Mastery? Reject nothing. If you reject something you will have to accept something else and if you accept something else, you'll have to reject something. What you reject is an illusion and what you accept is an illusion. Let everything be as it is. Even love is not something to accept. It is a tranquil state of being.

This is another doorway out of the illusion. Remember the doorway out is as close to you as the belief that there is no way out.

Let Me alert you to something that occurs when illusions become exposed, so you are not blindsided.

All demons will consolidate and attack; meaning that all of your lower nature, lower mind and ego will turn up the heat, in an attempt to keep you trapped in illusion. It will use fear as a weapon, so pay attention to the signs. This is where millions, if not civilizations, throughout your history have fallen between the cracks. Don't allow it to happen to you, again. Find the doorway out of the illusion, and all attempts to keep you trapped will fail.

You are not the trapped dragonfly regardless of any of your circumstances. Look for the doorway out; it is within your Higher Mind, your higher stream of consciousness. Look for it.
Each one of you must agree to be complete with illusion if you are to experience Ascension and the completion of your personal inoperative systems. Remember that each time you are in struggle or conflict of any kind, you are in an illusion and you are standing very close to the doorway out.

Stay quiet in your mind, and approach the doorway. It will open, if you believe it, and you will be free."

If you would like to find out more about
"Birthing The Heart and Mind of God™" please click here:

Trademarked and Copyright Maureen Moss 2010. Please share this wherever you like, keeping name and websites intact.
I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance.
May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!

Maureen Moss
President of The World Puja Network, LLC
E-Mail: Maureen@worldpuja.org
Or: Maureen@maureenmoss.com

07 September, 2010

Only One Earth

Our Mother Earth needs us 

01 September, 2010

Playing music for change

One love, one heart , let's get together and feel alright .....


I suppose worry has a place in the greater scheme of things ; worry is a devil's advocate. Worries are thoughts that need to be confronted, questioned and examined . Pushing worries away is not the way to deal with them as they only seem to grow bigger and more forceful when we do.

12 August, 2010

Consider meditation

Today I  started the Chopra Center's 21 day Meditation Challenge and throughly enjoyed the experience.

If you've always wondered what it would be like to meditate, consider taking on this challenge too.


02 August, 2010

Matthew Manning 'My healing journey '

My own healing journey started with meeting Matthew Manning and taking part in one of his seminars.

Matthew Manning Interview

" When you are ready , someone crosses your path to help you "

29 July, 2010

Learning to be an adult

My learning to be an adult journey started when I turned 41. Before that I was a butterfly guided by angels and my divine parents , without having do bother very much myself. At 41 , it was as if these angel parents stepped out of the way and let me make my own 'mistakes' and take the consequences for them. They didn't abandon me , but it felt like an 'advanced course'.

Come to think of it though, this learning to be an adult started at around 14 and then again at 25 , each time with challenges that were appropriate .

Today I am thinking of 2 young girls 10 1/2  and 12 , both approaching puberty. Their father is in hospital recovering from surgery for a broken leg as a result of a work related accident. He's looking at a long period of convalescence and being self employed many hassles with insurance companies ; you pay them but they are often reluctant to pay out . The girls mother has been hospitalised now for many years now.

It struck me , that these things always happen for a reason . How is this incident going to affect the girls and their father ? The two girls are going to have to start on an  'advanced course' and their father two might have to re-organise his life.

I am learning to be an adult again too , reading " HOW TO BE AN ADULT IN RELATIONSHIPS " by David Richo. Timely for me too , having recently become a grandmother .

Adult love is based on a mutual dedication to granting attention , acceptance , appreciation, affection and allowing . These are the doorways to the joys and wealth of relationship, but too often we don't grasp what these words really mean and don't know how to fully manage them in our relationships.

The 5 keys to mindful loving

attention ,
acceptance ,
How to Be an Adult: A Handbook for Psychological and Spiritual Integration
David Richo

21 July, 2010

David Lynch's interview project

I think this is amazing; we have so much to learn from each other. Isn't Life School wonderful ?


Ties in well with what I read earlier today :

A study of life is the greatest of all religions, and there is no greater or more interesting study. 

-- Hazrat Inayat Khan 

16 July, 2010

The minimizer ; an article by Debbie Ford

bWell worth reading is this article by Debbie Ford


The Dis-ease of Minimizing

I just got home from leading an amazing three day Shadow Process Workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. When I say it was amazing, I mean it was absolutely mind-blowing. People who come in looking tired, resigned, angry, and worn out walk out transformed. When they leave, their eyes are flooded with light. Their smiles can light up a room. Their hearts are open and they hold possibility in their hands. It's such a miracle to witness transformation. And it always begins with a desire for change that is so strong that one decides to commit a weekend and make all the arrangements that go into taking the time away for themselves. That intention and that commitment drive their unconscious in a new direction. And after three days of going within, saying things they never thought they would say, sharing their secrets with new friends, and laughing so hard at the absurdity of being human, voila! They become someone that is unrecognizable not just to the people around them but also to themselves. This is what I live for. But what could pull these people down or bring them back to their old ways? The almighty Minimizer.

The Minimizer showed up three days after I arrived home. I was listening to a very disturbing conversation about someone who had trained with me for over three years, someone who I watched transform from a crying, angry, powerless woman to a strong, independent, self-respecting and talented transformer. Here, years later, I heard that this woman was angry at me and one of my staff and that she was saying quite horrible things about me despite all the value she had gotten (the gifts are beyond anything I could list). For a moment, I was perplexed that she could minimize the hundreds of transformational moments she had with us, all that she had learned, all the ways that she had grown, and then I realized that she had just been afflicted with the dis-ease of minimizing. She couldn't remember anything good. In fact, she was caught in her own projections. This is a classic example, and we are all in danger of coming down with this dis-ease. Maybe we minimize our mothers who cared for us, who carried us around, who fed us, who drove us to school or afterschool activities. Years later, we focus on what we didn't get from them, what didn't work, or the incidents we feel scarred us. Or maybe we minimize our teachers who supported us, pushed us, told us that we could be better than we are, and now we can't even remember their names. Maybe we minimize the impact that our exes had on our lives, even if they tried to make us better people, supported us in bringing forth our gifts, or gave us our kids who we love. In the midst of heartache, all we can remember is what we didn't get.

The ability to minimize those who have been the great contributors to our lives has deeper consequences than we can really imagine. As we minimize all that we have received, we are also minimizing ourselves. When we are not in deep gratitude or appreciation for the growth that has been given to us, when we spend our energy making others wrong, finding their flaws or just being ungrateful, the effects are far-reaching. We actually draw forth that same minimization inside ourselves. We hear the voice of our Minimizer inside our own minds. "I'm not strong enough, not good enough, not young enough, not lucky enough." Sound familiar? That's the voice of the Minimizer. "I could have done better. I should have done better. That person should have done this for me, said this to me, looked at me like this, talked to me like this." The Minimizer exists right now inside of you and if you want to take your power back and remember who you are and let the light shine bright through your eyes, you can do this by busting through your Minimizer. You can start by acknowledging all those you have minimized. As you acknowledge what you did receive, what did support you, what did help you, what did change you, what did move you forward in your life, you remind yourself of the true gifts of another and at the same time, you acknowledge the gift that you have been to another.

This week, allow yourself to see all those you are making wrong, all those you are projecting on, all those who have given you new life in some way that you are hating on. And then transform the lens through which you see these people. Start to write down the gains, what you've gotten, how you've grown, who you've met, and who you've become. There, you will find the power and be able to heal the dis-ease of minimizing.
With love and blessings,

06 July, 2010

Dalai Lama - War is outdated

When will we all get it that we are living in an interdependent world ? War is outdated. War is something we can definitely do without !

27 June, 2010

Things can radically change in the eleventh hour .

The Awakening is happening. It is important to be fearless and to stay grounded in the Love vibration.

The full moon and midsummer energies have been powerfully strong and have rocked my world , in a good way . 

Yesterday, I was guided to read this Hathors channelling through Tom Kenyon  about the horrendous consequences resulting from our abuse of Mother Earth and the dangers to planetary life caused by human arrogance .....OUR ignorance , greed and stupidity .

We are all part of this. As a member of the human race , I am ashamed of my part and contribution to the dis-ease of our planet. It is high time to take responsibility for our actions. 

Increasing Intensity Of The Chaotic Node: The Gulf Of Mexico( http://tomkenyon.com/increasing-intensity-of-the-chaotic-nodethe-gulf-of-mexico ) 

And as we have said before, things can radically change even in the eleventh hour.

The heart sleeps until it is awakened to life by a blow; it is as a rock, and the hidden fire flashes out when struck by another rock.
Bowl of Saki, by Hazrat Inayat Khan

YES , this is true .


22 June, 2010

Blessings to water everywhere

I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.

I send the energy of love and gratitude to all living creatures.

I send the energy of love and gratitude to water everywhere.

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

04 June, 2010

Breakfast with God : Part 4 by Maureen Moss

Stilling our thoughts , going within , listening to the voice of our Higher Self , God , Goddess, Creator , Universe or ALL THAT IS , is something we can all do. I am often surprised at what appears, when I take time to do this.

May we be inspired by Maureen's breakfast conversations with God.

"Breakfast With God: Part 4"

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well. This month I have had many messages from God along with several Masters that I hadn't worked with for awhile.

All have come about as a result of a compelling summons from my Soul, a couple of months ago, prior to my birthday, to enter into a state of silence and pass through the final stages of healing and purification required for Ascension. I took a deep breath, listened, and made the preparations to do so, letting nothing stand in my way.

My mind reminded me that this has been a very tough journey. My heart told me to be grateful for every bit of it.

At this point, I was not about to fall short of whatever I must be or whatever I must do to step fully into the Light, and live in peace.

I headed to the place on the grid in the United States that I am most in alignment and rapport with. On the first day, I went to my favorite source of nourishment, the ocean, to have breakfast with God.

I began with a prayer. "Dear God, on this day and from this day forward I surrender all of me to You. I sit on the shore of Your magnificent creation, by the summons of my soul. I am asking You, dear God, to usher me through the final initiations that stand between my human experience and my Divine One. Dear God, shine your Light where there is darkness. Take my hand and lead me, knowing that I have, with deep trust, made this commitment to follow as you lead. I am in deep gratitude for this calling."

I then remained still, becoming full with an unexpected joy I had not felt, for quite some time.

That day, and for many weeks that still continue, I have had revelations, conversations, remembrances, more tests, frequency shifts and blessings. I notice I have to keep very close to the inside of myself to remain fully aligned with God, as the planetary energy intensifies significantly, attempting to push everybody's buttons.

For the purpose of this article I will share what came from this particular "Breakfast With God" conversation that is not personal, though concerns all of humanity. Much more will come in the months ahead.

"You have nearly reached the end of one of the most important incarnations, if not the most important incarnation of your time. The book of records for this long and arduous evolutionary period will soon be closed and stored, for later review. You have each created quite a 'story' for yourselves.

How do you feel? Do you remember the goals you set for your incarnation? How have you managed with the curriculum leading you through the Ascension protocols? Do you see the Light or are you still in the tunnel?

I will share with you what I see, which perhaps will shed Light for you and give you further leverage to lift your Life; not as a matter of judgment, as a matter of observance.

There are those of you, through blind faith, seemingly endless trials and tribulations and gut wrenching tears, that have boldly taken this incarnation to heart. You have succeeded in letting go of judgments, deeply embedded patterns, emotional wounds and traumas. You did so with a compassionate nature and a renewed respect for yourself.

You have awakened your sleeping consciousness, and returned to the heart and mind of God.

Often, you claimed and invoked the power of My name, I Am, as yours, to raise your vibration and inflame your memories of who you truly are. You used your powers fiercely, humbly and intentionally to move every mountain that attempted to stand in your way, particularly your mind and ego.

You opened a new level of alignment with Me and with the Earth, each time you claimed I AM. You activated, and strengthened your rapport with Me and your I Am Presence each time you proclaimed and embraced the Truth, that you are, I Am.

You studied and called forth the Christ Consciousness repeatedly until it became your consciousness. You will make your Ascension (if you have not already), before the close of 2012.

There are those of you that are now making great strides to actively pursue your incarnation with unsealed minds and hearts filled with love. You are living on behalf of yourself, rather than against yourself.

You are willingly surrendering to the path that is laid before you with compassion, commitment, trust and gratitude. You are remembering how to manage energy, as well as the ways to raise your vibrations through a word, a surrender, a thought or an action of love.

As the pressure intensifies on your Planet, you may falter though you will not fall if you continue to walk with Me, using My mind and My love, to your advantage. Use every intense moment as leverage to raise yourself above it. You will make your Ascension shortly.

And then there are billions amongst you that still toy with the Codes of Conduct and The Laws of Love that govern Ascension. Those same beings have an on again off again relationship with Me, and their own I Am Presence. There is ongoing struggle to find peace and balance.

Beloveds, until you lay aside the folly of your senses, and live your life as an act of Love, in gratitude and trust of Me at all times, you will be on hold to ascend.

As much as I love each and every one of you, no one will experience their personal Ascension by any other means than through a total and complete renewal and reintegration with their I Am Presence, the most Divine part of you, that is the most Divine part of Me.

Less you surrender every grip on your mortal identities, and cease fighting to be right for all that limits you, you will continue to fight against the Light rendering yourselves powerless and at the mercy of long standing chaos.

Reach for your freedom, no matter what the energies or the planets around your planet are doing. You are each fully capable of bursting through all obstacles from the inside out.

Slow down, give Me your will, open your heart fully and pay attention to your Life, and what it is asking you to let go of, and let in.

Too often you refuse to properly perceive and embrace the blessings of higher awareness as you rush through the experiences of your life. You choose to forget that every experience you have lives within a sacred moment, and carries a message vital to the expansion of your consciousness.

I wish to remind you (briefly) of a time in your history, that many of you were a part of; a time when you came to know that your only salvation was to use your experience to return to Me, out of love for yourself.

Perhaps, from this, you will draw strength and compassion and a sense of urgency to complete your journey into the Light.

Over 12,000 years ago the beloved continent of Lemuria, and many of its inhabitants, were completely submerged underwater.

Overnight everything was lost. All material possessions were gone. Loved ones were separated. Animals, minerals, elementals and nature, along with all the beauty and all the aspects of daily living on this magnificent continent vanished in one fell swoop, without warning.

All that was left was Self, seeking the meaning and the purpose of life, while in the void of nothing. There was no time for pity or stories. There was no time to be angry, or truly feel the pain, though the agony was beyond words.

The traumas of betrayal and abandonment that existed remained to be healed by each, in succeeding lifetimes.

That was the beginning of fulfilling the purpose for coming to the Earth, to seek one's Spiritual Mastery in a state of complete surrender.

Every being was left only to themselves and with Me. Can you imagine/remember the hell and heartbreak and then the courage and perseverance to begin again with nothing, but Me as their Source and supply for all things?

During that time the High Priests and Priestesses of Lemuria prophesized that many of you would gather again during a time of great trial and tribulation upon the earth. And, it was spoken, that those living on the earth at such a time would be given every opportunity to make a full recovery and make their Ascension back into the One Mind and One Heart of God, freed from the third dimension and all of its dark, dire and separated influences, forevermore.

You live in the midst of that prophecy. You were chosen to come back to Earth now, (whether you lived in Lemuria or Atlantis,) to purify yourself and bring peace to this earth, and bring peace to yourself. You will never have to go through darkness and separation again, if you will only come to the Light now. Let yourself ascend.

You have no further need to suffer or fight, Beloveds. You are almost home. Let everything go, everything that causes you struggle, including your sadness. Let it go.

I ask you to understand now, that you are being initiated, by a final series of personal and global experiences, to bring you to the altar of your Ascension. Pay attention. Slow your pace.

Use every precious moment of your incarnation, as you end this cycle of evolution, to be in harmony with your heart, and with Me during a time of unprecedented reward. Dig deep for your own love.

Breathe My life into you. Together, we will restore the world that you carry within you.

I Am asking you to go beyond your deepest fears. I will take care of you. Let Me in. Give Me your will and give Me your fears. I know what to do with them. Trust Me.

I miss you. I love you and I await you all."

Copyright Maureen Moss 2010. I ask that you include my name and websites as this is part of a greater body of work.

I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you always.

Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss
President of The World Puja Network, LLC
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24 April, 2010

Breaking a pattern ( Maureen Moss )

This is taken from Maureen Moss's " Breakfast with God " . For more information and details, see links below.

Here's how to break the pattern. Whenever a new experience presents itself (even if it appears to be similar to a former experience) first recognize it as brand new, never been experienced by you before. Stay out of comparing it to anything of the past or predicting its future. Be present and decide in that moment how you choose to experience it. That's right, you choose. You take the power in leading the energy where you wish it to be, and know you can!

Experience will always ask you to make choices. Choose up! What you choose will affect the next experience that you have. Trust Me. Each new experience that is pressed along the one that just passed or is coming is a co-incident. Take a breath and take that in. Do you see how one would affect the other?

If you notice a negative response coming up toward any experience, shape shift it immediately to a desired outcome regardless of what your lower mind, ego or past has to say about it. Don't listen to them anymore. They are delusional. They are not invested in who you have chosen to become now, what you have chosen to accept as true now, or how you have chosen to get out of the herd of mass conscious conditioning. Make of your life a glorious game, and play it like a Master.

Patterns are broken when you retrain the way your brain responds or reacts to experience. What you are doing is trance breaking. You are breaking the trance that the mind has put you in for lifetimes. Once you do this, the mind game is over. You will notice your mind palpably retreating.

Once you do this once, a Divine sense of power comes alive inside of you. (That's Me in you.) It engages you with its new power of suggestion that you do have the creative power and ability to shape shift anything; any current experience, any oncoming experience, any relationship, any job, or your health. There is nothing you are unable to shape shift. Take that in. Furthermore it begins to dissolve victim and martyr consciousness, both of which must stay behind if you are climbing dimensions.

Here's another way to look at it. Whatsoever you don't feel in alignment with, unplug from it. Feel where a former belief system is plugged into your former third dimensional consciousness, and unplug it. You can do that, because you have the power.

Track it all the way into your life experience, as a witness. Don't create another story about it, just track it and pull the plug. What you are unplugging yourself from is an auto-hypnotic state that you and others put you into.

Proclaim aloud that you can no longer be hypnotized because you are a Divine and conscious being, not a belief systems puppet. When you consciously unplug from a former state you instantly shift the frequency field of that belief, making it easier to choose up on a consistent basis.

Now, what belief system do you choose to plug into? State it out loud. Feel the energy flow through your body as it begins to wrap itself around your new idea. Feel how it pulses. It's like having a blood transfusion. Something new is entering you. It's a new suggestion, so grab it. Don't argue with it. Don't use former logic to disown it. Get into alignment with it. Be grateful for it and go with it. Let it take you on a new ride. Plug it into your new consciousness, and keep it stabilized with your thoughts and actions.

You may even wish to plug it into the new Chrystalline grid of your Divine Earth Mother. Once you do, all of mass consciousness will feel a new ripple of higher consciousness. Your Divine Mother's new 4th Dimensional grid will accept nothing of a lower consciousness. As you can see, she's busy making many adjustments to bring herself into alignment. Do you see the reflection? Help her whenever you have a moment to do so by plugging your good and great into her.

All of humanity along with Divine Earth Mother has been receiving elevated codes for re-shaping creation in a quickened way since the Spring Equinox.

For you, soon you will notice that much of your creative natures and new belief systems will just drop in your lap, like an angel's feather, just like the one you decided to employ when you went for your tests. You didn't think if it would work or not. I know. I was with you. Actually you didn't even think about it at all, which was fairly novel for you. You just decided a new belief was in order, you created it, you unplugged from your former one, plugged in the new one and voila you've already expressed the outcome. Nice job.

Key words for shifting belief systems: alignment, resonance, excitement, and Self-assured. Guess what the shift is all about? Alignment, resonance, excitement and being Self-assured. Just add a dose of how fascinating a being you are, fall in love with your magnificent selves and we'll have sustained happy and United times together. Is there anything else you want to ask me?

"Nope, I'll save it for tomorrow's breakfast. However I will tell you this now. I am so glad you are my life partner. Thanks for always being there. What a blessing."

Copyright 2010. I ask that you include my name and websites as this is part of a greater body of work.



I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. I hope you'll join our Shape Shifting Teleseminar...it's well worth your time!

Know you are loved!


Maureen Moss

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