31 August, 2006




28 August, 2006

Purpose, meaning , relationship, responsibility

I am here to live my life with purpose and meaning. Being alive at this time is an incredible opportunity to explore and experience the Universe and myself. In a way, the self is the new frontier. I have come to know my limited self pretty well, and now I am getting to know my unlimited self.

My life purpose is unfolding each moment as I calm down and know that I am far more than my personality, problems, fears, or dis-eases.

I am spirit, light, energy, and love, and I have the power to live my life with meaning and purpose. I am doing the best I can and am constantly discovering new ways to improve the quality of my life. I am so grateful to be here. My purpose is to learn to love unconditionally.

My best relationship is the one I have with myself.

" Relationships are wonderful, and marriages can be wonderful, but they are all temporary because there comes a time when they end. The one person I am with forever is me. My relationship with myself is eternal, so I choose to be my own best friend. I choose to love and accept myself and to talk to myself as I would to a beloved person in my life. I saturate all the cells in my body with love, and they become vibrantly healthy. I know that I am always connected to a Universe that loves me. I draw loving people and loving experiences to me. I relate with love to all of life.I am creating lots of room for love. " -- Louise Hay

Responsibility brings power

"To be tested is good. The challenged life may be the best therapist."
-- Gail Sheehy

What holds you back from being all that you are?
( Exercise )

In your journal, list at least 5 things that hold you back.
Now review your answers.
Have you blamed people or factors outside of yourself?
It's important to understand that ALL obstructions are rooted in our internal blocks. Even the problems that appear to be outside of us are only reflecting back to us problems we have inside. Once we address our inner issues, the outer problems disappear.

Be personally accountable for everything in your life and watch your perspectives shift. We claim our power when we accept responsibility for our lives.

"Conscious evolution begins as we take responsibility
for clearing our own obstructions."
-- Dan Millman

27 August, 2006

Today's message

You Are Important.
Your Thoughts Create.
Your Actions Matter.
Your Presence Changes Everything.


26 August, 2006


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25 August, 2006

Pick an Angel

Truth is an unfolding process which deepens as your wisdom increases. Live in a way that fosters your enduring and direct encounter with life.


23 August, 2006

Who am I ? Self definition .

When I started my training I was asked to write my autobiography.
Roberto Assagioli always asked his students to write their autobiography. not just once , but many times. This makes sense. We are constanty changing and so is the world around us.
The question " Who am I ?" is perhaps the most important one to ask on the journey of Self discovery , and of Self definition.

There are many ways to tackle this business of self definition.

Some questions to consider :

Which events do you identify with ?

Make a list adjectives to describe yourself.
This reveal polarities because for each adjective we use to describe ourselves there is an opposite which is also relevant.

What is you story ?

Useful to remember :

You are looking through the eyes of your story.
Feel the love that you are.
Do you feel unified or alienated ?

You have the right to be what you are.
You are the creator.
You are the choice .
You are limitless.

To change your story is to change your reality .
You are not your story.
Your story is your choice in the NOW .
You are the writer of your own story.
You are potentially all stories.
There is no story you cannot be.
You are an unfolding story .
You are an embodiment of God.

22 August, 2006


What is BEAUTY to you ?

It is said that " beauty is in the eye of the heholder ". Each of us perceives it differently.

Beauty for me is like ART . When I see beauty in a person or word , or thought , or thing, abstract or in some form , my heart sings and my senses delight.

Beauty is love. Love is Beauty.

I am influenced by beauty . I don't think I could live without beauty - seeing beauty , perceiving beauty in the world around me.

Beauty inspires and transforms what I see into something meaningful for me.

Seeing the wonders of a flower or being touched by a painting.
Sometimes , as an exercise , I like to see if I can find beauty in something that I perceive as ugly. That is a challenge.

As I train myself to see beauty in everything, eventually I notice things in my everyday world that also inspire me.

By allowing myself to be influenced by the splendour of the world around me , allows the creative power of my imagination to flow freely and effortlessly .

Kahlil Gibran says :

And a poet said, Speak to us of Beauty. And he answered: Where shall you seek beauty, and how shall you find her unless she herself be your way and your guide? And how shall you speak of her except she be the weaver of your speech?
The aggrieved and the injured say, ‘Beauty is kind and gentle. ‘Like a young mother half-shy of her own glory she walks among us.' And the passionate say, ‘Nay, beauty is a thing of might and dread. ‘Like the tempest she shakes the earth be- neath us and the sky above us.’
The tried and the weary say, ‘Beauty is of soft whisperings. She speaks in our spirit. ‘Her voice yields to our silences like a faint light that quivers in fear of the shadow.’
But the restless say. ‘We have heard her shouting among the mountains, ‘And with her cries came the sound of hoofs, and the beating of wings and the roaring of lions.’
At night the watchmen of the city say, ‘Beauty shall rise with the dawn from the east. And at noontide the toilers and the way- farers say, ‘We have seen her leaning over the earth from the windows of the sunset.’
In winter say the snow-bound, ‘She shall come with the spring leaping upon the hills.’ And in the summer heat the reapers say, ‘We have seen her dancing with the autumn leaves, and we saw a drift of snow in her hair.' All these things have you said of beauty, Yet in truth you spoke not of her but of needs unsatisfied,
And beauty is not a need but an ecstasy. It is not a mouth thirsting nor an empty hand stretched forth, But rather a heart inflamed and a soul en- chanted. It is not the image you would see nor the song you would hear, But rather an image you see through. you close your eyes and a song you hear though you shut your ears. It is not the sap within the furrowed bark, nor a wing attached to a claw, But rather a garden for ever in bloom and a flock of angels for ever in flight.
People of Orphalese, beauty is life when life unveils her holy face. But you are life and you are the veil. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror.

21 August, 2006



Tarot card number: 14
( 2x7 )

Temperance represents clarity; we need to travel through a series of stages in order for us to grow.

Temerance takes us to the art of alchemy.

This travel process enables us to reveal our true beauty.

Temperance encourages us to practice self-healing and brings opposites together in harmony.

Harmony, health, moderation, compromise, peace, self-control.

Temperance symbolises self-control, the ability to handle volatile factors and so bring about a positive result.

Temperance heralds a time of harmonious relationships, peace and harmony a time to be enjoyed.

Moderation is the key and spirituality brings comfort.

Temperance is an angel or guardian spirit watching over us.

Challenges of Temperance :

Impatience, lack of foresight, conflict, quarrels, domestic strife.
The challenge is not to over indulge, lack foresight, not be impatient . To avoid conflict and quarrels .
Temperance warns of making hasty decisions out of impatience, decisions that thwart progress.
refusal to learn from past mistakes

Feelings :

Drawing this card I feel peace and harmony , serenity.

I drew Temperance today at the GJM meeting. I like the rainbow , the silver and the gold ; the fluidity, emotions flowing between sun and moon, silver and gold, giving and receiving, being and doing, male and female, active and passive alchemy .

I enjoy the presence and support of the guardian angel holding and embracing everything. Self holding it all ? Synthesis represented by the rainbow.

In this state of mind I see all aspects of my personality objectively. It is a transpersonal state , I do not denounce or reject any single part but I am able to blend it effectively with the rest.
The angel is standing on "sacred ground", the third space , This is the place that is co- created between two people . This is the place where an angel is born; place of pure potentiality. This is where the seemingly disparate elements of the soul combine into a stable, whole persona.
Temperance assimilates the lessons of the past 13 cards so that one is ready to embark on the lessons of the next harmonic. Temperance, a figure of purification.

Temperance moves on angel wings , constantly moving ...E-MOTION

Temperance holds two cups in her hands, one a passive blue, the other an active red.

Water flows from one to the other, indicating energy transformation. Not a single drop is spilled or wasted.

Spiritual elevation, successful partnership, self-control, brilliance.

Angels see things from a higher perspective.

02 August, 2006

When you want something ..............

" The Soul of the World is nourished by people's happiness. And also by unhappiness, envy and jealousy. To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation. All things are one. And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

From : " The Alchemist " by Paulo Coelho