29 April, 2005

Frida Kahlo

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo painted her first significant self-portrait following an accident that nearly killed her.

28 April, 2005

None physical TEACHERS

Non-physical teachers, such as Seth, Emmanuel, Lazaris, Orin & DaBen, (click to open windows for each)
They have a broader/higher perspective than when they were living on earth.


"Michael" is simply a convenient name we use to refer to a specific family of consciousness (an "entity" of over 1000 souls) who have experienced thousands of lifetimes and have completed their "lessons" in the physical plane, now teaching from another level of existence. Most of us refer to "Michael" in plural, since they refer to themselves in plural, but some people use the term "he" and "him". Since Michael is not a physical presence with no gender, and since they are a collection of souls, it is simply more convenient to refer to them as a group. Some even prefer to call them "the Michaels", but there is no right or wrong way to refer to

CHANNELINGMichael needs human "channels" as a means to communicate their information, perspective, and teaching. Channels are people who have made an Agreement as part of their life plan to act as a voice or energy conduit for non-physical sources of inspiration, healing, or information, that originate from a non-physical consciousness. Most of the time the Agreements are made between the channel and entity before the channel is born, but sometimes a person will make the Agreement later in his or her life.If this all seems strange, that's because it is strange. I don't pretend to know exactly why or technically how channeling is possible, or whether it is valid as we have come to understand it. I do know that something profound is happening and only experience can "prove" something like this to you. My own experiences over the years have convinced me of two things: 1. that there is something beyond my apparent, daily consciousness that is legitimately being accessed for detailed, expansive, seemingly unlimited and original information 2. and that the information has an obviously positive impact on me and other studentsThose two factors make it worth my efforts to continue exploring.


Michael teaches that the only purpose behind life, is life, itself. There is no profound, exalted, or mysteriously secret reason behind our lives. Tao (Michael's term for God, or All-that-is) fragmented itself for the pure sake of Experience. We are each "fragments" of this original source, imbued with the creative impetus to seek experience within a spectrum of possibilities! Thus, in any given lifetime nothing is wasted because all experience is valuable. The need to judge those experiences as "good" or "bad" is a human convention, not a spiritual concept. Michael describes experiences as neither "good" nor "bad", but that our souls enjoy ALL of it, though we eventually grow to be inclined toward more expansive, embracing experiences, rather than more restricting, limited paths. In addition, Michael teaches that the Universe is not a chaotic, random system of events that we simply have to endure, but rather that there is an awesome structure that can be comprehended by us to some degree. This helps lend us a better understanding of our personal part in the larger scheme of things.Michael does teach that reincarnation is valid. As a soul gains experiences, so does it gain maturity and wisdom, which is identified by what Michael refers to as a "soul age". They teach that every soul goes through 7 stages of maturity across as many lifetimes as it takes. There is no one to measure a soul's maturity except the individual soul, itself. As we gain experience, we learn to be more aware, more compassionate, more connected, more sensitive, and more peaceful, but we also go through a spectrum of experiences that naturally include all things horrifying and beautiful. We eventually gain enough experience that the Soul and the Personality within the lifetime begin to co-create, decide, and choose more consciously, lending the lifetime a greater sense of Truth, Love, and Energy.Michael teaches that we, as individual consciousness, choose one of seven Roles (or Essences) to use as our particular means of expression during our cycle of lifetimes. This Role remains the same throughout all of our incarnations, though we continue to improve on that Role and we evolve with each experience gained. To make each soul even more unique, we choose a ratio of "Focused and Creative Energy" lending us more or less creativity or focus, which we eventually learn to balance out. We also choose a unique "Frequency", which influences how we process life. Your Soul creates a Body and Personality for every lifetime. When a soul first begins creating lifetimes, this can be quite difficult and chaotic, but with each lifetime we gain more of a conscious ability to choose and we begin to create more productively and meaningfully. A Personality is designed with a Goal (a primary motivation for the lifetime), a Mode (how you reach your Goal), an Attitude (a basic perspective), a Centering (how you react to life), and a couple of basic Fears are developed in our youth (chosen for protection, but eventually sought to be overcome), and so much more! There are 7 Roles/Essences, 7 Goals to choose from, 7 Attitudes, 7 Modes, 7 Basic Fears, and so on.To grasp the dynamics of your Essence as it exists beyond this lifetime, as well as to gain self-awareness through the understanding of your Personality's design, can greatly free you from self-criticism, to simply enjoy this life, and to increase the Love and Understanding, Compassion and Peace in your experiences of relationships and self.There is a far more detailed introduction available in The Basic Teachings section of this site, but this mini-intro hopefully helped you get a quick picture!Have fun and remember:"We are here to learn how to choose, and to choose how to learn!" -- Michael

26 April, 2005

What is it that I do ?

I facilitate the art of being human.

I want to continue to use my life skills and talents, joyfully ,for the highest good of all.

The first really meaningful contribution of my life was giving birth to my son, now 28. He's turned out to be a good human being and is a work of art in progress.

Now,as a Life Artist, I am starting to share my Self and my 'Art of Being' with the world.

I do not have specific goals other than doing what I love and sharing that with others,whilst living in the rhythm of my soul.

I go where I am needed and where my destiny takes me.

My dream is to have a small but flourishing spiritual counselling practice.

Labels, restrict and pinch like tight shoes, so saying what I can offer is difficult.

I am a good catalyst.

As a Life Artist , I facilitate the Art of Being human. I work holistically , drawing upon my own Life experiences , Psychosynthesis training, intuitive, psychic and healing skills.

25 April, 2005

Art of working with dreams

SOURCE http://www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/dreamworld.htm

Digestion , cheese and unclogging of relationships

" The difficulty in the digestion of cheese lies in the fact that it is permeated with fat and this forms a coating to the cheese particles that does not easily permit the union of the gastric juices and the casein (of milk), a form of protein which is the real sub-stance of the cheese. "

Processing blockages and stuckness in a relationship is like the digestion of cheese.

the chewing -gum like substance that is so stubborn and resistant.

" The dryer the cheese and the finer it is grated the easier it is digested. "

Breaking through walls and blocks is easier if the block is not a solid mass.

Light gets in through the cracks to illuminate and heal.
We have to find a way in.

Intention, focus, preparation, clarity of purpose are all necessary .
Courage too.
Dare to follow a clear purpose.
Hold Love by the hand as you enter into this work

A far as digestion of cheese goes , a better plan is to dissolve the cheese and then mix it with some other form of food, such as slices of toasted bread.

15 April, 2005

To Dr Emoto, this crystal gives the impression of people holding hands. The water sample is from Sanbu-ichi Yusui Spring Water, in Yamanashi Prefecture, where water comes from snow up on the Yatsugatake Mountain.

This picture shows a water sample after its exposure to Mozart's `Symphony No. 40 in G Minor'. This beautiful and graceful crystal, as Dr Emoto put it, seems to express the composer's feelings.

Messages of water

The water crystals from Fujiwara Dam, after receiving prayers from Reverend Kato Hoki, the chief priest of Jyuhouin Temple, Omiya City. Dr Emoto claims that crystals of ice, when exposed to prayer, express beautiful hexagonal and some extraordinary hepagonal forms.

Messages of water

The water crystals from Fujiwara Dam, after receiving prayers from Reverend Kato Hoki, the chief priest of Jyuhouin Temple, Omiya City. Dr Emoto claims that crystals of ice, when exposed to prayer, express beautiful hexagonal and some extraordinary hepagonal forms. Though we are celebrating the Songkran water festival, how much do we know about water? A Japanese scientist claims that water has consciousness _ and that the love and respect we show toward water will determine our future existence
As in many ancient civilisations, water has served as an integral part of Thai culture and is part of almost all rituals and festivities, from births and weddings, to commencing business and performing funeral rites.

To his surprise, Dr Emoto found that before this frozen, crystallised water sample returned to its liquid form, it created a shape identical to the Chinese character for water. It is believed that water in those rituals will bring blessings to us _ for prosperity and good health, or to carry our merit to the spirits in the world beyond. Many, however, believe this to be merely tradition and superstition.But Japanese researcher and alternative medicine advocate Dr Masaru Emoto says that perhaps our ancestors knew about the power of water far better than modern day people do.Based on extensive experiments with water, Dr Emoto claims to have discovered that water _ more than a billion years old, and a basic component of many lifeforms on this planet _ has consciousness and can perceive, remember, and communicate with its environment like any other living organism.

Dr Masaru Emoto hopes his research and photographic documentation will lead to a new consciousness regarding Earth's most precious resource. "We know very little about water. Unless we become aware of its significance and learn the wrongs we have done [in regard to water] we won't be able to live in healthy harmony with it," said Dr Emoto, who recently visited Chulalongkorn University to give a talk on his findings, which served as the basis for his book, entitled Messages from Water.He said it was utterly important to learn about water. We are living on a water planet; two-thirds of its surface area is covered by water. Most importantly, our body is made up of over 70 percent water. In short, "we are basically water," he said. As an alternative medical doctor who incorporates water into his practice, Dr Emoto believes that water has healing power, and he committed himself to unravelling the mysteries of that power. In 1994, he began research using Magnetic Resonance Analyser (MRA) technology to measure the properties of water. MRA has been used worldwide in alternative medicine to measure the ability of the human body to resonate, or vibrate, at certain frequencies, as well as to test natural healing substances.

Water that was exposed to the letters of the word `beautiful' developed beautiful crystals (above left); water that was exposed to the word `ugly' formed ugly crystals. Letters and words have an influence on water crystals, says Dr Emoto. This may be considered un-scientific to many as it takes a completely different turn from conventional scientific instruments. However, the doctor believes that to uncover the consciousness of water, a paradigm shift of thought and approach was required. Together with his team and a wide pool of volunteers, Dr Emoto collected numerous water samples from many parts of Japan and around the world. His daily observations of water were done in a freezer room. To capture the secrets of water on film, he had to take a photograph at the moment when the frozen ice crystals started to liquefy. He placed each sample of water on a series of 100 petri dishes, putting them in a freezer at minus 5C for two hours. When ready for photographing, he would take out the samples, then frozen into crystals, and put them under a microscope to be photographed at magnifications of 200 to 500 times. When the temperature rose to about 0C, a split moment before the frozen flakes became liquid, they would show certain crystal structures.

Unlike tap water samples from Tokyo, water from Katano City, Osaka, creates clearer and more beautiful crystals. About 60 percent of tap water there comes from an underground water source. Dr Emoto relates the quality of the crystals to the fact that Sen-no-Rikyu, a tea master and a founder of the Sen School for tea ceremonies, used water from Katano to make tea.

This picture shows crystals of rain that fell on Asakusa-bashi in the centre of Tokyo. It was hard to find any shapely crystals in this water sample. This was especially evident when compared to crystals found in tap water.

To Dr Emoto, this crystal gives the impression of people holding hands. The water sample is from Sanbu-ichi Yusui Spring Water, in Yamanashi Prefecture, where water comes from snow up on the Yatsugatake Mountain. "It is impossible to obtain identical crystal pictures even from one type of water ... but there is a certain tendency in all of the samples to form a crystal grid," he wrote in his book. Over a period of four and a half years, his team made about 10,000 pictures of water crystals. After observing the crystallisation process a few thousand times, Dr Emoto said each crystal seemed to be trying hard to become beautiful. "It's trying to purify itself," he wrote."Healthy water will show a complete hexagonal crystal structure while the chipping away and/or collapsing of crystal structures are not good signs," he explained. It may indicate some impediments are obstructing the process. This might explain why a number of water samples from urban settings do not show fine crystal structures, while water from remote rural areas seems to have better crystal structures. Dr Emoto explained that water contains Hado, an intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness. And the vibration of water can be observed in the form of crystal structures."Water is the most receptive of the four elements. It responds," he said. To prove this, Dr Emoto played music for water samples. One by one, he put a bottle of distilled water between two amplifiers and played different kinds of music. Water, hearing music by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, seemed to boast clear and beautiful crystal structures, whereas water hearing pop and heavy metal music was not able to produce well-structured crystals, he claimed.Further, Dr Emoto tested what effect the chanting of monks would have on water. The result? All water samples that were offered prayers showed clear and spectacular crystal structures."Water is capable of memorising sound vibrations, which results in crystallisation," he said. "Musical vibrations contain positive and negative energies, depending on the information inscribed into them. Water reflects what it perceives," he said.

This picture shows a water sample after its exposure to Mozart's `Symphony No. 40 in G Minor'. This beautiful and graceful crystal, as Dr Emoto put it, seems to express the composer's feelings.

When exposed to heavy metal music, water, coming from the same source as the one exposed to Mozart's music, cannot form a hexagonal crystal structure. Rather it breaks down into pieces. Dr Emoto reasoned that water may react negatively to music that is filled with angry lyrics.

Hit music does not always contribute to the production of well-formed crystals. This picture shows a crystal, exposed to a hit Japanese pop music song. Dr Emoto also tried to show that water can perceive energy from pictures and words. "Letters and pictures contain vibrations, too. Our consciousness, values and feelings are imprinted on such objects."To us, the word "devil" carries a negative meaning. When Dr Emoto attached a piece of paper with the word "devil' on it to a bottle of water, he claimed that after 24 hours the result was a deformed, blackish structure, with no crystallisation at all. On the contrary, when he used the word "angel" in the same type of experiment, beautiful hexagonal crystals formed. Electrical appliances can affect water too, according to experiments done by Dr Emoto. Though he placed a glass of water in front of a running computer monitor for four hours, no crystals were produced. However, when he attached a piece of paper to a sample bearing a positive word like "love", crystals developed. Dr Emoto also placed a bottle of water near a television playing a movie with a positive storyline. The water formed beautiful crystals. "Water absorbs and is influenced by its surroundings. The medium is not as important as the energy it conveys. If you have a happy and positive conversation on a mobile phone, the water will form good crystals too. "Positive information results in beautiful hexagonal crystals, while negative information shows otherwise," he said. "If we are aware of this and communicate good feelings and messages, the quality of crystals will be beautiful _ and hence the quality of the water will be good too," he said. He suggested that we take care of the water that is within ourselves. "As we are mainly composed of water, we should vibrate good energy to the water in our bodies." Positive thinking and emotions, for example, can readily affect the quality of water in our body, hence affecting the condition of our health. Stress, a cause of many illnesses, is a result of the bad energy we carry in our body's water.He added that we should also be kind to other water-based beings, which, in fact, includes all living things on Earth. He said we could create positive energy flows between ourselves and other creatures. Sadly, water around the world today has become highly polluted and contaminated as a result of our un-gratefulness and ignorance. However, Dr Emoto argued that we have the power to improve the quality of contaminated water by becoming more grateful for it. A picture of the crystal structure of the rainwater in Tokorozawa city, taken in June 1998, showed no crystallisation. But once the citizens became aware of their city's environmental problems, pictures of water samples taken in February 1999 began to show beautiful crystal shapes."By changing the vibration, we can change the substance. So we can alter the environment," he said.To many scientists, Dr Emoto's findings may be less than scientific. However, Dr Emoto hopes they will raise awareness among people of the importance of water, and change their outlook and treatment of it _ the origin and essence of our being.The book 'Messages from Water' (known in Thai as 'Sarn Jak Waree') was published by Suan Ngern Meema. Priced at 360 baht, it is available at major bookstores.

To learn more about Dr Emoto's work and pictures of crystals, see www.hado.net.

I know what I want, how can I make it happen?

I know what I want, how can I make it happen? Using Tantra to Birth Your Dreams

Article for download, word doc Using Tantra to Birth Your Dreams------- © Robert ‘Baba Dez’ Nichols 2004 Web: http://www.babadez.com . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Not long ago, I ran into my friend Jill at the post office. We fell into a conversation about how the relationship she truly desired kept eluding her despite her intelligence, beauty, and financial success. Then I ran into Scott at the market hurrying to get to work. We exchanged a couple of witty remarks about “the old grind” and he suddenly said with some seriousness, “I have a great family, a great relationship, a great appreciation for life, and… I hate my job.”

Why is it that some of the things we desire seem to fall into our lap, while other things seem unachievable? Many of us have been dreaming, visualizing, affirming, praying, even crying and screaming for what we want, yet our desires continue to go unmet. Throughout time human beings have sought the secret to manifesting our dreams. Breaking down what happens between the moment of initial desire and actual manifestation has become a major area of study for many of us.

Most realize that it requires some power or energy to make things happen or manifest something.

What are the sources of energy available to us and how do we tap into these sources?

Where are we building personal power and where are we draining it?

Often times we are losing power and we are not even aware that we are doing so. It is crucial that we become more attuned to our power and deepen in our awareness to plug the leaks and harness the power within ourselves. Our ability to feel what is happening with our energy and how we are expending it is critical.

This requires awareness and sensitivity.

As a society we are conditioned to avoid certain feelings, which dampens our overall ability to feel. Consequently, our response to the emotions and situations that create these feelings is muted and incomplete. Feeling fully and deeply is a good thing. Our ability to feel has a direct effect on our emotional body. The emotional body is part of the feminine aspect or hologram, whereas awareness, responding, and choosing are part of the mind or the masculine hologram. It is in the marriage of mind and emotions that we find the power to manifest desire. Ultimately, the marriage of the divine feminine and masculine is reflected internally by the alignment and merging of our own emotional body and mind. Externally, this union is reflected by creation with ease and grace.

This healing and marriage is not a mental process although the mind plays a very important role. Without the mind opening up and letting go of its agenda and bullying, there is little room for the emotional body to stand by its side in total partnership. The emotional body needs to be recognized, reclaimed, protected, honored, and exercised.

When the mind is willing to relinquish control, stop judging our desires, our bodies and our emotions, and take its divine place as witness and space holder, then the stage is set for something amazing to happen. As the mind opens to receive the backlog of painful and previously unresolved emotions, a merging occurs. It is the divine marriage of the mind and emotional body, or our internal masculine and feminine. In this new union of love and acceptance the Heart and the Body are transformed and reborn. Held resentment, anger, and sadness are expressed and released. New information, insights, inspiration, and energy that were previously withheld are now flowing in from the emotional body, physical body, and heart.

Many of us understand this concept, but few are practicing it successfully. This new relationship is a conduit to Divine energy, and we start to tap into the unlimited resources of the holographic universe. In this place we feel all of our desire, let go of our desire, and experience the merging of our desire with the Divine aspects of God- Emotions, Mind, Body, and Heart.

This is also known as the Tantric Path. The intensity and passion that is generated during sacred sexual union is the most powerful force available to human beings. On the human body level, making love makes babies and new life. When other levels of consciousness are engaged in this act, any desire can be manifested. When we generate energy in our second chakra through sexual expression, we can move that energy in any direction. The challenge is for the mind to take that raw passion and energy that’s generated and to breathe it down through the first chakra, rooting and grounding it down into the earth and physical reality. Then breathe that rooted energy back up through the body and connect it with Divine energy and desire. As you breathe it back down from the Divine, you’re able to bring in Divine support, energy and inspiration.

This is making love with God. This sacred sexual ritual is personal and can be performed alone or with a partner. Make lovemaking a sacred act, a true co-creation. Be willing to run 2nd chakra passion throughout your entire being, harnessing the fire that will manifest your dreams. When we merge in sacred sexual union and are fully feeling our emotional bodies in alignment with our hearts and physical bodies, the combined desire and intent are amplified to a quantum degree. We merge into the Holographic Divinity and are able to manifest heaven on earth.

Baba Dez is a transformational guide and Daka trained in the sacred sexual healing arts. It is his path and honor to support others on their journey, deepen in their truth and power, find enjoyment in transformation, and bring in beneficial grounded results.

Baba Dez P.O. Box 3054 Sedona, AZ 86340 E-mail: Dez@babadez.com Web: http://www.babadez.com

How to Have a Divine Sex Life – With or Without a Partner - By David Cates and Baba Dez Nichols

How to Have a Divine Sex Life With or Without a Partner

How to Have a Divine Sex Life – With or Without a Partner - By David Cates and Baba Dez Nichols

Every woman deserves to have a great sex life, whether or not she’s got a man at the moment.

Your body is a temple, and the goddess must be regularly worshiped. You ignore her at your own peril.

Every man deserves to find his inner god, whether or not there’s a goddess around to awaken him. Most men today are sleepwalking through life, trapped in roles that rarely touch their hearts or kindle their deepest dreams.

It seems obvious that men and women can help each other out with this dilemma. But who’s going to go first? For thousands of years, in the ancient temples of the goddess, women learned the sacred sexual healing arts. They were taught how to open their hearts, fine tune their bodies, and tap directly into the divine feminine power that created the universe. With these powers, they birthed love into the world. They were assisted by priests trained in the arts of sexual magic. When the power of sexual union was put into the service of the gods, peace reigned on earth.
Where is that knowledge now?
Where are the priests and priestesses who have the keys to the power and wisdom that are locked in our bodies?
Look around. What do you see?

Young women today are all too often completely cut off from the divine feminine. Rather that being taught to look within, they are left struggling to find an identity in the eyes of outsiders. They’re taught that sex is a commodity to be manufactured and sold in the sexual marketplace. Too many women depend on the external validation of a man to supply her with the self-esteem, love, nurturing and empowerment that are in her body, aching to be released. Far too many women stare grimly in the mirror, criticizing every curve and wrinkle, without ever glimpsing their own natural, delicious divinity winking back at them.

But women aren’t the only ones who are blind. Most men wouldn’t recognize a goddess if she stood in front of them with her hair on fire! The divine has become alarmingly invisible to us. The goddess must be released from her prison. And sometimes the fastest way to free her is with an earth-shattering orgasm. The god must rise into his true power, the power to make love, not war. But first he must surrender control.

If you’ve got a partner who’s willing to embark on this journey of mutual discovery and support, good for you! But if you’re currently alone, don’t let that stop you from awakening the kundalini snake inside your body, and remembering who you really are. Sex can be a sacred rite of self-empowerment and passionate connection with our own inner beauty. And despite the fairy tales and romance novels, sexual awakening is an experience that doesn’t depend on someone else to do it to you. Or for you, or even with you.

Orgasm is a gift, whether you’re sharing it with someone else, or giving it to yourself. And this gift can do more to awaken and enlighten you than months of meditation.

The intersection of divinity and sexuality, in this day and age, is in the field of tantra. Originally an Oriental yogic art, tantra is re-emerging in the West as a reminder of what we have lost, and how we might find it again. Tantric priests and priestesses, called tantrikas, dakas or dakinis, have the tools to show us our own magnificence. They mirror back our own wholeness, by seeing the divine spark in every human being, and fanning that spark into a fire. The art of tantra reveals this truth about each of us: we are gods and goddesses. Tantra empowers us to feel, find and proclaim our own divine power.

Don’t let the lack of a partner prevent you from making the magic and love that you deserve. Learn how to activate yourself, love yourself, empower yourself at the core of your divine being. Gods and goddesses are self-sufficient; they don’t rely on anyone else for their power. We don’t need a partner to activate or access the wellsprings inside us. Tantra can show us how to tap into our own emotional and physical chemistry to create alchemy and magic.

Sexuality is at the core of our power to create and manifest. Second chakra energy is sexual in its nature. Animal sex can make a new life; imagine what divine sex can create! When we recognize our own divinity, we step into the creative field of pure potential, as the divine cocreators of our own lives. We can use the wisdom of the body and the power of our own passion to fuel anything that we desire to create.

We can all have juicy, empowering, divinely delicious sex lives. And the side effect of all that self-loving is that we become irresistible gods and goddesses.

Try being truly divine for one day, and see who notices. You may not be alone for long!

Hear from the heart wordless mysteries!

Hear from the heart wordless mysteries!
Understand what cannot be understood!
In man's stone-dark heart there burns a fire
That burns all veils to their root and foundation.
When the veils are burned away,

the heart will understand completely...
Ancient Love will unfold ever-fresh forms
In the heart of the Spirit, in the core of the heart.


11:11 Thursday, Mara's Art Of Being starts here

11:11 Thursday, Mara's Art Of Being starts here.

14 April, 2005