25 October, 2007

Omnipresent intention.

Try imagining a force that's everywhere.
There's no place that you can go where it isn't.
It can't be divided and is present in everything you see or touch.
Now extend your awareness of this infinite field of energy beyond the world of form and boundaries.
This infinite force is everywhere, so it's in both the physical and the nonphysical.
Your physical body is one part of your totality emanating from this energy.
At the instant of conception, intention sets in motion how your physical form will appear and how your growing and aging process will unfold.
It also sets in motion your non-physical aspects, including your emotions, thoughts, and disposition. In this instance, intention is infinite potential activating your physical and nonphysical appearance on Earth.
You've formed out of the omnipresent to become present in time and space.
Because it's omnipresent, this energy field of intent is accessible to you after your physical arrival here on Earth!
The onlyway you deactivate this dormant force is by believing that you're separate from it.

Wayne Dyer

16 October, 2007

Everything that irritates us about others ( Jung )

Everything that irritates us about others
can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Carl Jung

15 October, 2007

Hear o humankind

A Prayer To Humankind
A poem of the heart
by Manitongquat

HEAR, O HUMANKIND, the prayer of my heart.

For are we not one, have we not one desire, to heal our Mother Earth and bind her wounds?

And still to be free as the spotted Eagle climbing the laughing breath of our Father Sky,

to hear again from dark forests and flashing rivers the varied ever-changing Song of Creation?

O Humankind, are we not all brothers and sisters, are we not the grandchildren of the Great Mystery?

Do we not all want to love and be loved, to work and to play, to sing and dance together?

But we live with fear. Fear that is hate, fear that is ambition, competition, aggression, fear that is loneliness, anger, bitterness, cruelty, fear that is mistrust. envy. greed. vanity. . . and yetfear is only twisted love, love turned back upon itself, devouring itself, hating itself, love that was denied, love that was rejected .

. . and love. ..Love is life - creation, seed and leafand blossom and fruit and seed, love is growth and search and reach and touch and dance, love is nurture and succor and feed and pleasure, love is pleasuring ourself, pleasuring each other, love is life believing in itself.

And life. . . Life is the Sacred Mystery singing to itself, dancing to its drum, telling tales, improvising, playing and we are all that Spirit, our stories all but one cosmic story that we are loved indeed, that perfect love we seek we are already.

That the love in me seeks the love in you, and if our eyes could ever meet without fear, we would recognize each other and rejoice, for love is life believing in itself.

O Humankind, we must stop fearing life, fearing each other, we must absolutely stop hating ourself, resenting Creation .... Life,O Humankind, life is the only treasure. We are the custodians of it, it is our sacred trust.

Life is wondrous, awesome and holy, a burning glory, and its price is simply this: courage . . . we must be brave enough to love.

Hear my heart's prayer, O Humankind, trust in love, don't be afraid. I love you as I love life, I love myself, please love me too, love yourself, for perfect love, as a wise one said, casts out all fear.

If we are to live, there is no other choice, for love is life believing in itself.

Above all, let us set the children free, break the traps of fear that history has fashioned for them, free to grow, to seek and question, to dance and sing, to be dreamers of tomorrow's rainbows, and if we but give them our trust they will guide us to a New Creation, for love is life believing in itself.

Who is responsible ?

Psychosynthesis : Psychology with a soul

"Let us feel and obey the urge aroused by the great need of healing the serious ills which at present are affecting humanity; let us realize the contribution we can make to the creation of a new civilization characterized by a harmonious integration and cooperation, pervaded by the spirit of synthesis."
-- Roberto Assagioli

I first stumbled upon Psychosynthesis in 1996 . I was going through some kind of " crisis of meaning ". Interesting how "when the student is ready the teacher appears ". I was depressed, burnt out, physically and emotionally exhausted yet a little spark inside me urged me to explore this method, both as a way out through the darkness and as a platform on which to start re- buiding my life.
Psychosynthesis is transpersonal psychology, the human journey toward personal wholeness.

Conceived by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974), who studied under Freud and Jung and took what he learnt further. Psychosynthesis is often called " psychology with a soul " and is concerned with the realisation of individual potential. Psychosynthesis takes a holistic approach to the human being including body , feelings , mind and soul.

This is how Roberto Assagioli describes psychosynthesis:

" Psychosynthesis is a method of psychological development and self realization for those who refuse to remain the slave of their own inner phantasms or of external influences, who refuse to submit passively to the play of psychological forces which is going on within them, and who are determined to become the master of their own lives'.
-- Roberto Assagioli

Psychosynthesis links :
PsykosyntesAkademin, Stockholm. ( This is where I trained )
The Psychosynthesis & Education Trust , London
(The Trust for Furtherance of Psychosynthesis and Education is a registered educational charity, and the longest established psychosynthesis centre in Britain. )
The Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis
( a professional organization dedicated to the dissemination of the ideas and spirit of psychosynthesis throughout the world. )

Grateful Living

A Network for Grateful Living (ANG*L)is a non-profit organization dedicated to gratefulness,a universal principle that serves as the core inspirationfor personal healing, cross-cultural understanding,interfaith dialogue, intergenerational respect,and ecological sustainability.
read more here: http://www.gratefulness.org

14 October, 2007

Thoughts Blog Action Day

Today I am thinking about what to write tomorrow.

What needs to be said ?

Blog Action Day is about making a difference.

Each of us can contribute to the healing of The Environment.

My contribution will be around the psycho - spiritual environment-

the healing of the World Soul.

Awareness and acceptance of " What is "

Allowing what needs to be born in order for healing to take place.

What facilitates the healing of this planet and our environment ?

The exploriation and questioning of our beliefs and thoughts.

What is working and what isn't ?

Are these my beliefs or someone else's ?

Letting go of what we no longer need; that which does not serve.

05 October, 2007

Burt Harding : Being

Burt Harding, founder of the Awareness Foundation in Vancouver, offers a radical invitation to recognize the truth of our being as already whole and fulfilled.

He holds satsangs (meetings) in which we are reminded of the love we really are beyond the personal stories we carry. In this way, we come to recognize what we have always known but did not live from ‹ the beauty and wonder of our own true essence.

Burt also conducts sessions and workshops in Supersentience, a system devised to help heal deep wounds and promote a shift in the perception of who we really are.

He has conducted studies in higher consciousness for thirty years and had his own television series on the mind/body connection.

Burt started teaching after an experience with Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, who appeared to him in 1974 while he was living in Toronto, Ontario. As a result of this experience, he acquired the sure knowledge that the only reality lies in the present moment, the Now, and that everything else is just an illusion. His spiritual search ended in that realization.

Burt Harding - The Awareness Foundation.