25 November, 2010

David's near death experience

David's near death experience

20 November, 2010

Leonard Cohen.Bird on the Wire. London. 2008

Leonard Cohen on Q TV (CBC exclusive)

It's a Leonard Cohen sort of day here. A friend told me about the BBC film " a bird on a wire " which unfortunately is not available here in Sweden, so I found this instead.

Leonard Cohen at home. Simply so ! Simply beautiful . Bless him x

16 November, 2010


Mandalas are fascinating. As I gaze at these symbols , patterns and colours I feel their wordless messages touching my soul.

12 November, 2010

Matthew James and empowerment

Dr Matthew James talks about the power of  Huna and Ho'oponopono , a way of releasing your black baggage , healing and moving on .

His website is full of interesting stuff and articles you can download for free.

Pono: Hawaiian for Unconditional Love
Loving yourself and others go hand-in-hand
By Dr. Matthew B. James
...... I teach Huna, the ancient Hawaiian system of energy and healing. One of the fundamental principles of Huna is that we become “pono” with ourselves. 
Pono is a Hawaiian word that means to make things right — not as in “I’m right, you’re wrong,” but right with each other and the situation. Pono is a feeling of congruency and calmness to the extent that nothing needs to be said. When applied to your feelings about yourself, to become pono is to love yourself unconditionally.
If you constantly criticize yourself, you undermine your efforts to improve yourself. Only when you overcome negative emotions and limiting beliefs about yourself can you truly become pono in a way that empowers you to achieve your goals and be pono with others.
The Huna process of forgiveness is called ho`oponopono, which literally means to make something doubly pono. In doing research for my dissertation, I found that those who engaged in ho‘oponopono experienced a statistically significant reduction in unforgiveness compared to a control group.
This research was the first time ho‘oponopono has been studied as a process-based approach to forgiveness. It validated this method as an effective therapeutic approach for improving relationships and mental health.
There are many different approaches to ho'oponopono. My book, The Foundation of Huna: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times, focuses on a process used for hundreds of years within the lineage that I carry. 
This form of ho'oponopono takes place on the mental plane — you mentally disconnect from the old way of being with a person and then create a new relationship. This is an ancient variant on the modern process known as Neuro Linquistic Programming, or NLP. NLP is a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques that allows a person to change, adopt or eliminate behaviors and choose mental, emotional, and physical states of wellbeing.
Sometimes it seems easier to change our feelings about other people than it is to let go of long-held negative feelings about ourselves. One way to do both is to realize that negative emotions towards ourselves and others are two sides of the same coin.
When you look in the mirror, what do you say to yourself? Most of us talk worse to ourselves than we ever do to others. You cannot do that and be pono. Yet being pono is key to breaking the hold that negative self-talk and limiting decisions have on our ability to grow and change. In the same way, as we release negative emotions about ourselves, it frees us to truly love others.
If this sounds like just a bunch of self-affirmation, think of this: When you are on an airplane and the flight attendant gives the safety talk, they always say: “If an emergency occurs, make sure you put a mask on yourself before you put it on someone else.” There is a reason for that.
It’s the same with parents and other caregivers. I have two kids and I know that in order to take care of my kids, I have to take care of myself. In fact, each reinforces the other. 
The better I care for myself, the better I am able to care for others. And the more I love myself and others, the easier it is for me to be gracious, forgiving and truly pono. 
At its essence, Ho‘oponopono is grounded in the idea of unconditional love. Forgiveness is not just a byproduct of learning to love unconditionally — it is a requirement for learning to truly love others and ourselves.
About the Author: Dr. James is President of Kona University. His new book, The Foundation of Huna: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times, details forgiveness and meditation techniques used in Hawaii for hundreds of years. He carries on the lineage of the one of the last practicing kahuna of mental health and wellbeing. Dr. James is among 20 top experts in the fields of medicine, nutrition, weight loss, spirituality and the mind featured in The Inner Weigh™, a new documentary that shares secrets to permanent weight reduction without deprivation and negative body image.

My notes :

Being comes first
Know your purpose
Forgive , heal and move on 

Bringer of Light by Story Waters

Unified with ALL -THAT-  IS  and the choice to be on this planet .

We are all one !

Neale Donald Walsch , author of the popular and inspiring " Conversations with God" and " When Everything Changes , Change everything " is also the founder of Humanity's Team 

We must—human beings simply must—come to a new understanding of Who We Are and why we are here.   We must come to a new and larger awareness of our true relationship with the Divine and with all of Life.  And we must come to a new decision about the real nature of our connection to each other.

Find out more about  Humanities Team , here :  

11 November, 2010

11-11-10 Love Light and Harmony to All Sentient Beings

The new moon outside the hospital tonight.

I've just listened to blog talk radio  and will now go to bed inspired to dream sweet dreams and prepare to join the 11-11 meditation  ( tomorrow at 5 a.m. my time ) Happy 11/11/10 everyone !

Over 100,000 people from all over the world will be sending their love, light and positive intentions into the universe in an effort to reharmonize the world-wide energy streams to affect positive change for a brighter future.
This positive transmission of information will take place as follows:
  1. Meditation tonight (11.11. 2010) at 11:11pm EST (please google timezone converter and find out how it translates for you) for 11 minutes (go in the quietude, let go, connect with the primal source). We want to have as many people doing it at the exact same time so that we can magnify the effects of this energy going out into the universe. However, if you cannot participate at the exact time, any positive energy you can emmit at your own designated time with help the cause.
  2. After those 11 minutes: with one thought and a loving heart send light, love, qi energy and peace to Mother Earth.
  3. Close with a mantra or a short prayer for Mother Earth; sing or recite (for example, Ma Ya Hai).
To achieve the highest possible success with the energy transmission, we ask you to practice this meditation for 11 days in a row.
We are certain that with your participation we can affect positive change in this world!
Peace and Blessings,
The New Reality Team
P.S - Please post this on facebook to spread the word!!!