19 September, 2006

Birth , birthing a new life, a dream

Birth marks the shift from one dimension to another. New life, new ideas, new forms come into being.

Rosh Hashanah starts in a few days , 22nd September. The Kabbalists explain that our souls are born anew at this time. Just as a child’s physical DNA is encoded at birth, a person’s spiritual DNA is rewritten for the year on Rosh Hashanah. And it is rewritten according to our desires !!! good news .

Some of my favourite affirmations .

" I am living and breathing in the rhythm of my soul "
" Everything I need comes to me with love and ease "
" All my needs are taken care of . I am safe "
" I can do anything I set my mind to. "
" I love , trust and approve of myself "
" I am responsible for my well- being and health. "
" I love to give and to receive."
" Í deserve all the good that is coming to me . "
" My wealth is my mind "
" I bless my money. Each krona, pound or euro that I spend or give is returned multiplied ."
" I am always in the right place at the right time ."
" The more positive thoughts I have , the more positive life is . "
" I am grateful for everything ."
" I am free ."
" All I have is NOW and NOW is enough ."
" I have all the time that I need . "

The whole idea of planning is to keep the mind focused in a positive way.

( Jewish Year 5767 : sunset September 22, 2006 - nightfall September 24, 2006 )

16 September, 2006

Moving out of the comfort zone .

I now hold and direct the powerful energy of the Universe to help us move outside our comfort zone with love and ease.

I ask for a double order of courage and for energy and excitement to provide impetus for the changes that are all about growth.

I know that Spirit and The Soul of The Universe blesses us with fearlessness and grace as we move forward into a new lifestyle.

We are moving gracefully in the flow.

Spirit has created perfect conditions for our soul's growth.

The call is strong and we have heard it.

We know that we are blessed with an outcome which is for our highest good and for all concerned.

All of our angels on both sides of the veil are sharing their energy , supporting and cheering us on our way.

Spirit blesses us as we move into a new way of working, playing, and loving.

Love is prevailing in all of this.

Everything is happening with love and ease.

So be it and so it is .

Created with Love and blessings
by Mara, Valerie, Joanne and paws for peace, 16 September , 2006

15 September, 2006

Comments on Relationships

Comments on Relationships
Saint Francis through Anina Davenport

How are relationships changing in this time of increased frequencyand what can you do to stay free and centered and focused on Highest Good and that can include helping another person or being helped byanother?

Number one: Practice responsibility. In this new age and in the newkind of relationships that you are forming everyone is responsible fortheir stuff. No more dumping on others and if you do you apologize andsay, "Sorry, I take this back." And then you take it back literally.You take back the negative energies that you deposited on another andprocess them by yourself with the help of your new tools such asvisualizations, mantras, writing, dance, yoga, meditation, counselingor other ways that you have found for yourself. There is no need tosay out loud, "I take this back," or "I'm sorry," but if you do soenergetically the other person will know. He or she will feel lighterand relieved.

Number two: Practice energetic hygiene. We talk about this in ourbooks. It means you say what you mean and you mean what you say.Energetically it means you are grounded and rooted in your Self orHigher Self. You don't leave your energy all over the place. You speakwhen you have something to say and don't when you don't. You are kindbut you don't rescue others from themselves. You are thoughtful butnot lost in your thoughts. You live here and now.

Number three: You strive for authenticity not perfection. There is nosuch thing as perfection really. Have you ever thought of that? Thereis no such thing as perfection also in relationship. There is noperfect relationship. Let us repeat this one. There is no perfectrelationship. There is good enough. There is lovely, fun, andenjoyable but perfect there is not and if you expect perfect youexpect what cannot exist. Would you want to live with someone whokeeps looking at you with a critical __expression on his or her facesaying, "Well, not perfect yet. Not good enough. If you could justchange A, B, C, D, E, F, G .. (laughter) about yourself it might work."

Number four: Take responsibility for your beliefs. If a beliefcreates conflict in your relationship then investigate it. Instead ofsaying, "Well I've always believed that," go deeper. Why do you havethis belief? Where does it come from? Whenever you hear yourself say,"I cannot accept so and so," investigate. Why is that? Non-acceptanceusually results from fear. What fear is there underneath? Go deep.Don't just accept what you don't want to accept but look at what isgoing on. Watch your thoughts, your intentions, your patterns. Whatcan you learn about yourself?

Number five: Don't sacrifice yourself. Helping another is differentfrom giving yourself up for another. Be smart about helping. Don'treinforce your or other people's old patterns. For example yourhusband is having a temper tantrum and you rush in to help him. Whatdoes he learn? Temper tantrums work. What did you learn? "If I caterto his temper tantrums they stop at some point." It seems like successbut if you step back it is not. Next time let him have his tempertantrums. Go for a walk. Meet for coffee with a friend. Have a niceday (amused).

Another example: Your wife criticizes you, not constructively but outof habit. "You don't make enough money," she says. Let's assume youhave been working hard but have not been able to earn as much as shewould like. Instead of apologizing or feeling guilty, stand up foryourself. Say, "I have been looking for a better job but this is whatI have right now and this is what I earn." She will say, "Not goodenough." You need to say, "This is what is right now. I cannot changeit right now. This is my reality." If you stand your ground she willeventually say, "Well, you are right. You did work hard this year andthis is the income you make and we do get by." If she is notinterested in reality you might have a bigger problem in yourrelationship but hang in there for awhile. Counter with what is whenshe criticizes you. Give it some time. At some point she might say,"Oh, this is what is. I have to accept reality." Maybe she won't usethese exact words but she might say something like this.

Number six: Accept what is. This is a prescription for enlightenmentalthough it needs to be explained properly. It is not about martyrdomor letting others walk all over you but it means you deal with facts.If your wife has beautiful dark hair you don't wish her to be ablonde. You love who is in front of you. That is being practical andwise and not foolish. The foolish create suffering for themselves byalways questioning what is. "What if I had married Martha? Maybe lifewould have been more exciting?" But you did not. You married Jane sohow can you have a good day with Jane right here right now?

Number seven: Leave when it is time to leave. There are times inclose and also in less close relationships when it is time to move on,when you have truly investigated and searched yourself and tried topatch things up with the other and it is just not working. Then it istime to leave. It is easier to leave if you have truly exhausted otheravenues. Relationships can be hard at times. We don't mean leave atany conflict but when it's time it is time.Are there questions?

Questioner: You have not mentioned communication. Why?

Saint Francis: Right communication arises out of the points we havementioned. If you keep your energy clear and deal with 'what is' wordswill come and they will be clear and serve Highest Good.

Questioner: How about conflict resolution?

Saint Francis: Conflict has a lot to do with fear. Usually some oldfear gets stirred within you and you get defensive. Rather thansaying, "I don't agree with your opinion," you say, "You are so mean.How can you say this? You really hurt me now. I don't know if I'llever get over this one," (laughter). Seriously, look for what hastriggered you. What old fear, old wound, old pain came up? Clear thatand then give another response. That is communication not reaction outof pain and past hurt.

Questioner: But sometimes we get triggered?

Saint Francis: Yes of course and if you never speak up a littletemper tantrum might be better than being stoic and suppressingyourself but in the long run you want to move toward maturity.

Questioner: What is maturity?

Saint Francis: Good question. It means first and foremost that youlive in the now. You take care of yourself and your business so tospeak. You pay your rent, mow the lawn, take care of your kids, yourdog, etc.Questioner: Take out the garbage?Saint Francis: Yes.

Questioner: The energetic garbage too?Saint Francis: Yes, you practice energetic hygiene. You transformyour energetic garbage. You don't give it to your neighbors or others.You find ways to process it. You live now and you deal with 'what is'.The heater needs to be fixed. The customer needs new supplies. Yourdaughter has an appointment at the dentist. The book needs to beedited. The flowers need water. Questioner: And in between I meditate?

Saint Francis: Life should become a meditation. It is not, "Let mefix my daughter's bike right quick so I can run up and meditate." Thequestion is more, "How can this task which I like or don't like (itdoes not matter) be a meditation?"

Questioner: I slow it down?Saint Francis: Yes, you do it thoughtfully with love and you can doit with love and not like it that much. Relax, breathe, focus on what is.

Questioner: But I can still meditate?Saint Francis: Yes, do that too. Sit and breathe. Relax. Feel yourbody and then do your mantra or whatever way you meditate. If youbecome more gentle to yourself, if you become more loving, lessdemanding, more accepting, your outside will change, your spouse willalso become more accepting or maybe there will be someone else for youbut don't push it. Work on yourself and see what happens. Our love iswith you.

Copyright Anina Davenport 2006

08 September, 2006


Simply be yourself.
Look past the fanfare and drama to what is enduring.
Take time to clarify what is important to you and let non essentials fall away.


You Are Important.
Your Thoughts Create.
Your Actions Matter.
Your Presence Changes Everything.

They laughed at him and said it couldn't be done.


They laughed at him and said it couldn't be done.
Nothing could be grown in that salt laden dustbowl.
But Geoff Lawton had other ideas.
He travels the world teaching others how to repair trashed environments
that are beyond hope of becoming productive.

Our children deserve a planet that is safe, healthy and prosperous.
There are so many ways we can help support a sustainable world, from using wonderful new green technologies, such as hybrid cars, to simple acts of eco-awareness like recycling. The list is endless - what small thing can you do today?

To watch an inspiring short video with innovative information about how we can grow a prosperous world by working with our planet's vital wisdom please visit - it's so inspiring !

06 September, 2006


Dreams are symbols.
Our dreams contain messages from our subconsious.
There is great healing in the telling of the dream and in the writing of the dream.
Yesterday I listened to Gunilla Bergerham talking about her experience of working with dreams as a DreamCoach. http://www.gunillabergerham.se/ .

Everything that we experience in our inner and outer worlds is significant and the two worlds are related.

Montague Ullman does Experiential Dream Group Work

"My point is not that dream work will save the world
but that dreams can be a reminder that it needs saving"



Basic Dream Work - An objective comparison of Dream Groups & Therapy (1990)

" am often asked about the difference between the way I work with a dream in an experiential dream group and the way a therapist works with a dream in group or individual therapy. I refer to what I do as Basic Dream Work to contrast it with formal therapeutic work with dreams. The contrast can be outlined as follows:
In formal therapy the relationship is an unequal one with regard to the arrangements that are set. There is a therapist in charge of those arrangements and who operates from a body of knowledge and technique that the patient is not privy to.
experiential dream group no one functions as a therapist. If someone assumes the role of leader, it is only to insure the integrity of the process. In all other respects that person functions as a member of the group. .................."
Dreams: An Under Appreciated Natural Resource (1983)
" Dreams are an under appreciated natural resource. Although readily available they are seldom used in our search for healing and growth. The pragmatic social matrix in which we live rates dreams rather low in the scale of priorities for the good life. The positivism of modern science tends to reinforce the view of dreams as a low status item. Objects, studied in their separation from the subject, result ultimately in a distortion as well as a derogation of the subject and his subjectivity. The net effect of psychoanalytic theory has been to mystify the public into an awed submission to the caveat that dreams are for experts only. The fact is that dreams are regular and remarkable features of our nocturnal existence................... "
Dreams, Species-Connectedness, and the Paranormal (1990)

In this nuclear age where the survival of humanity is constantly on the line, we are faced with the responsibility of realizing fully the basic fact that we are all members of a single species. The full implication of this will involve the radical transformation of the self into one capable of working toward repairing and maintaining the basic unity of the species and overcoming the many ways in which we have succeeded in fragmenting that unity.

A view of dreaming is presented in its bearing on the issue of survival. Dreaming consciousness is discussed in its similarity to and differences from waking consciousness. Chief among the differences is the more focused concern while dreaming with the recognition and representation of developing disconnections between ourselves and others. A number of lines of thought are brought together in support of this view from sources as far apart as physics and psychiatry.

That dreaming may be related fundamentally to species-connectedness is congenial to much of what we have learned about the occurrence of paranormal dreams as they have been encountered in the anecdotal and clinical literature. Bohm's theory of the implicate order and Jung's ideas about synchronicity are discussed in their relevance to both ordinary and paranormal dreams and the connection of both to survival......"
Morality, Metaphor and Dreaming: A New Perspective (1999) On Dream Education (1990) On Raising the Social Priority of Dreams (1987)
On the Relevance of Quantum Concepts to Dreaming Consciousness (2005)
Species Unity and Dreaming
The Significance of Dreams in a Dream Deprived Society (2005)
"Dreams reveal the state of connectedness of the individual to his or her past, to others, and to the supports and constraints of the social order. Is it too much to hope that, as we move into a postindustrial society, the intrinsic honesty of dreams can be harnessed to this effort?
need of a politics of connectedness. The growing interest in the healing potential of our dream life holds out the hope we may eventually reach the goal of matching our biological unity as a species with a cultural reality of communion and brotherhood. My point is not that dreams will save us from ultimate disaster but they can, if taken seriously, be one among many countervailing efforts."
The Transformation Process in Dreams (1975)

Angel message for today : Understanding

The ability to include a deeper comprehension of life in your interactions rather than simply transferring your knowledge from one experience to another. Act with sincerity and empathy.

05 September, 2006

A blast from the past .

Someone I haven't seen for many years emailed me today, inviting me to join an online community /network .

Registration is by invitation only!

If you want to join, you have to be invited.

It's a place for catching up with old friends and meeting new friends.

www. frype.com

You are able to share photos and blogs, never forget your friends’ birthdays or lose their contact information. Real names and last names are used.

Contact me if you are interested.

Angel message for today : BEAUTY

The beauty of nature can only be preceived with a serene mind and harmless heart.
So too it is with the beauty of people.

04 September, 2006

The Seven Faces Of Intention by Wayne Dyer.

The Seven Faces Of Intention are as follows:

1. Creative
2. Kind
3. Loving
4. Beautiful
5. Ever-Expanding
6. Endlessly Abundant
7. Receptive To All

1.The face of creativity. The first of the Seven Faces Of Intention
is the creative _expression of the power of intention that designed
us, got us here, and created an environment that's compatible with
our needs. The power of intention has to be creative or nothing
would come into existence. It seems to me that this is an
irrefutable truth about intention/spirit, because its purpose is to
bring life into existence in a suitable environment.

Why do I conclude that the life-giving power of intention intends us
to have life, and have it in increasing abundance? Because, if the
opposite were true, life as we know it couldn't come into form. The
very fact that we can breathe and experience life is proof to me
that the nature of the life-giving Spirit is creative at its core.
This may seem obvious to you, or in fact it may appear confusing, or
even irrelevant. But what is clear is: You are here in your
physical body; there was a time when you were an embryo, before that
a seed, and before that formless energy. That formless energy
contained intention, which brought you from no where to now here.
At the very highest levels of awareness, intention started you on a
path toward your destiny.

The face of creativity intends you toward continued creativity to
create and co-create anything that you direct your power of
intention toward. Creative energy is a part of you; it originates
in the life-giving Spirit that intends you.

The Seven Faces Of Intention By Wayne Dyer
Number 2

2.The face of kindness. Any power that has, as its inherent nature,
the need to create and convert energy into physical form must also
be a kindly power. Again, I'm deducing this from the opposite. If
the all-giving power of intention had at its core the desire to be
unkind, malevolent, or hurtful, then creation itself would be
impossible. The moment unkind energy became form; the life-giving
Spirit would be destroyed. Instead, the power of intention has a
face of kindness. It is kind energy intending what it's creating to
flourish and grow, and to be happy and fulfilled.

Our existence is proof to me of the kindness of intention. Choosing
to be kind is a choice to have the power of intention active in your
life.The positive effect of kindness on the immune system and on the
increased production of serotonin in the brain has been proven in
research studies. Serotonin is a naturally occurring substance in
the body that makes us feel more comfortable, peaceful, and even
blissful. In fact, the role of most antidepressants is to stimulate
the production of serotonin chemically, helping to ease depression.
Research has shown that a simple act of kindness directed toward
another improves the functioning of the immune system and stimulates
the production of serotonin in both the recipient of the kindness
and the person extending the kindness. Even more amazing is that
persons observing the act of kindness have similar beneficial
results. Imagine this!

Kindness extended, received, or observed beneficially impacts the
physical health and feelings of everyone involved! But the face of
kindness and the face of creativity are smiling here.When you're
unkind, you're blocking the face of kindness. You're moving away
from the power of intention. No matter whether you call it God,
Spirit, Source, or intention, be aware that unkind thoughts weaken,
and kind thoughts strengthen, your connection.

Creativity and kindness are two of the seven faces of intention.

The Seven Faces Of Intention By Wayne Dyer.
Number Three - Love

3.The face of love. The third of the seven faces of intention is
the face of love. That there's a life-giving nature inherent in the
power of intention is an irrefutable conclusion. What would we name
this quality that encourages, enhances, and supports all of life, if
not love? It's the prime moving power of the Universal Spirit of
intent. As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it: "Love is our highest word
and the synonym for God."

The energy field of intention is pure love resulting in a nurturing
and totally cooperative environment. Judgment, anger, hate, fear, or
prejudice won't thrive here. So, were we able to actually see this
field, we'd see creativity and kindness in an endless field of love.
We entered the physical world of boundaries and beginnings through
the universal force field of pure love. This face of intention that
is an _expression of love wishes only for us to flourish and grow,
and become all that we're capable of becoming. When we're not in
harmony with the energy of love, we've moved away from intention and
weakened our ability to activate intention through the _expression of
love. For example, if you aren't doing what you love and loving what
you do, your power of intention is weakened. You attract into your
life more of the dissatisfaction that isn't the face of love.
Consequently, more of what you don't love will appear in your life.

Thoughts and emotions are pure energy; some higher and faster than
others. When higher energies occupy the same field as lower
energies, the lower energies convert to higher energies. A simple
example of this is a darkened room that has lower energy than a room
bathed in light. Since light moves faster than non-light, when a
candle is brought into a dark room, the darkness not only dissolves
and disappears, but it seems magically converted into light. The
same is true of love, which is a higher/faster energy than the
energy of hate.

St. Francis, in his famous prayer, beseeches God: "Where there is
hatred, let me sow love." What he is seeking is the power to
dissolve and ultimately convert hate to the energy of love. Hate
converts to love when the energy of love is in its presence. This is
true for you, too. Hate, directed toward yourself or others, can be
converted to the life-giving, love-granting life force of intention.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin put it this way: "The conclusion is
always the same: Love is the most powerful and still the most
unknown energy of the world."

The Seven Faces Of Intention By Wayne Dyer.
Number Four - Beauty

4.The face of beauty. The fourth of my seven faces of intention is
the face of beauty. What else could a creative, kind, and loving
_expression be, other than beautiful? Why would the organizing
intelligence of intention ever elect to manifest into form anything
that's repugnant to itself? Obviously, it wouldn't. So we can
conclude that the nature of intention has an eternal interaction of
love and beauty, and add the _expression of beauty to the face of a
creative, kind, loving power of intention.

John Keats, the brilliant young romantic poet, concludes his Ode on
a Grecian Urn with: "Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' that is all/Ye
know on earth, and all ye need to know." Obviously truth exists in
the creation of everything. It's true that it shows up here in form.
It's now here in a form that's an _expression of the invisible
creative power. So, I agree with Keats that we need to silently know
that truth and beauty are one and the same. Out of the truth of the
originating spirit in an _expression of the power of intention comes
truth as beauty. This knowing leads to valuable insights in relation
to exercising your individual will, imagination, and intuition.

In order to grasp the significance of beauty as one of the faces of
intention, remember this: Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful
soul. As you become receptive to seeing and feeling beauty around
you, you're becoming attuned to the creative power of intention
within everything in the natural world, including yourself. By
choosing to see beauty in everything, even a person who was born
into poverty and ignorance will be able to experience the power of
intention. Seeking beauty in the worst of circumstances with
individual intent connects one to the power of intention. It works.
It has to work. The face of beauty is always present, even where
others see non-beauty.

I was deeply honored to be on a panel with Viktor Frankl in 1978 in
Vienna, Austria. I strongly recollect that he shared with me and the
audience his assertion that it's the ability to see beauty in all of
life's circumstances that gives our lives meaning. In his book Man's
Search for Meaning, he describes a bowl of filthy water with a fish
head floating in it, given to him by his Nazi captors in a
concentration camp during WWII. He trained himself to see beauty in
this meal, rather than focus on the horror of it. He attributed his
ability to see beauty anywhere as a vital factor in surviving those
horrific camps. He reminds us that if we focus on what's ugly, we
attract more ugliness into our thoughts, and then into our emotions,
and ultimately into our lives. By choosing to hang on to one's
corner of freedom even in the worst situations, we can process our
world with the energy of appreciation and beauty, and create an
opportunity to transcend our circumstances.

I love the way Mother Teresa described this quality when she was
asked, "What do you do every day in the streets of Calcutta at your
mission?" She responded, "Every day I see Jesus Christ in all of his
distressing disguises."

The Seven Faces Of Intention By Wayne Dyer.
Face Five - Expansion

5.The face of expansion. The elemental nature of life is to increase
and seek more and more _expression. If we could sharply focus on the
faces of intention, we'd be startled. I imagine that one of the
faces we'd see is a continuously expanding _expression of the power
of intention. The nature of this creative spirit is always operating
so as to expand. Spirit is a forming power. It has the principle of
increase, meaning that life continues to expand toward more life.
Life as we know it originates from formless intention. Therefore,
one of the faces of intention looks like something that's eternally
evolving. It might look like a tiny speck in a continuous state of
duplicating itself, and then enlarging itself, and then moving
forward, all the while continuing its expansion and _expression.

This is precisely what's happening in our physical world. This fifth
face of intention takes the form of what is expressing it. It can be
no other way, for if this ever-expanding force disliked itself or
felt unconnected, it could only destroy itself. But it doesn't work
that way. The power of intention manifests as an _expression of
expanding creativity, kindness, love, and beauty. By establishing
your personal relation to this face of intention, you expand your
life through the power of intention, which was, is, and always will
be, a component of this originating intention. The power of
intention is the power to expand and increase all aspects of your
life. No exceptions! It's the nature of intention to be in a state
of increased _expression, so it's true for you, too.

The only proviso to this forward movement of intention is to
cooperate with it everywhere and allow this spirit of increase to
express itself through you and for you, and for everyone you
encounter. Then you will have no worry or anxiety. Trust the face of
expansion and do what you do because you're loving what you do and
doing what you love. Know that expansive, beneficial results are the
only possibilities.

The Seven Faces Of Intention By Wayne Dyer.
Face Six - Unlimited Abundance

6.The face of unlimited abundance. This sixth face of intention is
an _expression of something that has no boundaries, is everywhere at
once, and is endlessly abundant. It's not just huge, it never stops.
This marvelous gift of abundance is what you were created from. Thus
you too share this is the _expression of your life. You're actually
fulfilling the law of abundance. These gifts are given freely and
fully to you just as the air, the sun, the water, and the atmosphere
are provided in unlimited abundance for you.

From the time of your earliest memories, you probably were taught to
think in terms of limitations. My property starts here. Yours over
there. So we build fences to mark our boundaries. But ancient
explorers gave us an awareness of the world as potentially endless.
Even more ancient astronomers pushed back our beliefs about an
immense dome-shaped ceiling covering the earth. We've learned about
galaxies that are measured in the distance light travels in a year.
Science books that are only two years old are outdated. Athletic
records that supposedly demonstrated the limits of our physical
prowess are shattered with amazing regularity.

What all this means is that there are no limits to our potential as
people, as collective entities, and as individuals. This is largely
true because we emanate from the unlimited abundance of intention.
If the face of the power of intention is unlimited abundance, then
we can know that our potential for manifestation and attracting
anything into our lives is the same. The face of abundance has
absolutely no limits. Imagine the vastness of the resources from
which all objects are created. Then consider the one resource that
stands above all others. This would be your mind and the collective
mind of humankind. Where does your mind begin and end? What are its
boundaries? Where is it located? More important, where is it not
located? Is it born with you, or is it present before your
conception? Does it die with you? What color is it? What shape? The
answers are in the phrase unlimited abundance. You were created from
this very same unlimited abundance. The power of intention is
everywhere. It is what allows everything to manifest, to increase,
and to supply infinitely.

Know that you're connected to this life force and that you share it
with everyone and all that you perceive to be missing. Open to the
_expression of the face of unlimited abundance, and you'll be co-
creating your life, as you'd like it to be. As is so often true, the
poets can express in a few short words what seems so difficult for
us to grasp. Here is Walt Whitman speaking to us in Song of Myself.
As you read these lines, substitute the face of endless abundance
for God to gain a flavor of what the power of intention is.

I hear and behold God in every object, yet understand
God not in the least…
I see something of God each hour of the twenty-four,
And each moment then,
In the faces of men and women I see God, and
In my own face in the glass;
I find letters from God dropt in the street,
And every one is signed by God's name,
And I leave them where they are, for I know
That whereso'er I do
Others will punctually come forever and every.

You don't have to have an intellectual understanding. It's enough to
silently know and proceed to live with your awareness of this face
of endless abundance.

The Seven Faces Of Intention By Wayne Dyer.
Face Seven - Receptivity

7.The face of receptivity. This is how I imagine the seventh face,
the receptive face of intention. It's simply receptive to all. No
one and no thing is rejected by the receptive face of intention. It
welcomes everyone and every living thing, without judgment—never
granting the power of intention to some and withholding it from
others. The receptive face of intention means to me that all of
nature is waiting to be called into action. We only need to be
willing to recognize and receive. Intention can't respond to you if
you fail to recognize it. If you see chance and coincidence
governing your life and the world, then the universal mind of
intention will appear to you as nothing but an amalgamation of
forces devoid of any order or power.

Simply put. To be unreceptive is to deny yourself access to the
power of intention. In order to utilize the all-inclusive
receptivity of intention, you must produce within yourself an
intelligence equal in affinity to the universal mind itself. You
must not only become receptive to having guidance available to you
to manifest your human intentions, but you must be receptive to
giving this energy back to the world. As I've said many times in
speeches and earlier writings, your job is not to say how; it's to
say YES! Yes, I'm willing. Yes, I know that the power of intention
is universal. It's denied to no one.

The face of receptivity smiles on me, as what I need flows to me
from the Source, and the Source is receptive to my tapping in to it
to co-create books, speeches, videos, audios, and anything else that
I've been fortunate enough to have on my resume. By being receptive,
I'm in harmony with the power of intention of the universal creative
force. This works in so many different ways. You'll see the right
people magically appearing in your life; your body healing; and if
it's something that you want, you'll even discover yourself becoming
a better dancer, card player, or athlete! The field of intention
allows everything to emanate into form, and its unlimited potential
is built into all that has manifested even before its initial birth
pangs were being expressed.

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03 September, 2006

Anthem for the world

Matthew Levine writes on his homepage :

" I have just released an album of 11 songs called A house Divided.The title track of the same name you might think of as a proposal for the world's first national anthem. If nations can have anthems, why can’t we grass roots world citizens? If you like it, please help me promote it. You can download Eventually, we’ll have more to choose from, but we have to start somewhere.

Feel free to email me with your suggestions, questions, comments, or favorite quote. If you join my e-mailing list, you’ll get a free song download and I can let you know when the rest are available for download on itunes, etc.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a mint on your way out. "

I listened to " Anthem for the World " today. As a multidimensional being of love and light and a citizen of the universe , I LOVE it ! See, hear , feel for yourself .


Personal power.

"We are no longer puppets being manipulated by outside powerful forces; we become the powerful force ourselves." -- Leo Buscaglia

02 September, 2006

Light a Candle for Peace

How far that little candle throws its beams!
So shines a good dead in a naughty world.

William Shakespeare

click here : Light A Candle


Stand up for what you believe in.
Act in congruence with your values and follow through on your commitments.
This is a time on the planet when we need to come together in prayer for the community of humanity. We each have a role to play and a stage on which to act with intention to heal, uplift, and contribute to the harmonizing of our brothers and sisters.

You Are Important.
Your Thoughts Create.
Your Actions Matter.
Your Presence Changes Everything.

Buddhist teaching.

When this is present, that also do exist.
When this emerges, that also do arise.
When this is absent, that neither exists.
When this ceases, that also vanishes.

From ignorance arises mental construction.
From mental construction arises consciousness.
From consciousness arises naming-&-forming.
From name-&-form arises the six senses.
From the six senses arises contact.
From contact arises feeling.
From feeling arises craving.
From craving arises clinging.
From clinging arises becoming.
From becoming arises birth.
From birth arises ageing, decay, sickness & death.
From ageing, decay & death arises Suffering!
This is the origin of this entire mass of Pain...
When ignorance ceases, mental construction stops.
When mental construction ceases, consciousness stops.
When consciousness ceases, naming-&-forming stops.
When name-&-form ceases, the six senses stops.
When the six senses ceases, contact stops.
When contact ceases, feeling stops.
When feeling ceases, craving stops.
When craving ceases, clinging stops.
When clinging ceases, becoming stops.
When becoming ceases, birth stops.
When birth ceases, ageing, decay, & death stops...
When ageing, decay & death ceases, Suffering stops!
This is the Disappearance of this entire mass of Pain...

Explore and experience. ( Martin Buber )

“I do not accept any absolute formulas for living. No preconceived code can see ahead to everything that can happen in a man’s life. As we live, we grow and our beliefs change. They must change. So I think we should live with this constant discovery.
We should be open to this adventure in heightened awareness of living. We should stake our whole existence on our willingness to explore and experience.” -- Martin Buber

01 September, 2006

Sharing the flame

I take this Name with me out into the rest of the world so I can share the light with friends.I envisage openings and opportunities in the world for the global dissemination of this ancient wisdom. I ask for the strength to walk the talk. I know that the Name arouses the forces of immortality and joy in the world. I must expect and demand nothing less.

Meditation from " The 72 Names of God "