15 September, 2011

Six Factors that Block Qi . by Master Chunyi Lin

Six Factors that Block Qi

by Master Chunyi Lin

1)      Emotion
Unbalanced emotion is the biggest cause of the blockages in the body. Chinese medicine tells us that overexcitement and excessive happiness causes damage to the heart energy. Anger and anxiety damages the liver energy. Fears damage the kidneys. Sadness and depression damage the lung energy. Too much thinking and mental work damages the stomach and pancreas.
When a person gets angry, for example, the automatic chemical activities of the body cause energy to collect in the liver. If this energy is not removed from the liver, a blockage gradually forms and our liver becomes sick.
Let’s look at how over-happiness would cause damage to the heart. When a person is very excited, the energy heats the heart first. Excess energy travels up to the brain. Once the energy gets into the brain, it is not easy to get it out, because the channel between the torso and the head is very narrow. Just like an overfilled balloon, an energy explosion could result in a stroke or heart attack.
Our ancient wisdom asks us to stay calm all the time to keep the Yin and Yang energy in a good balance.
2)      Nutrition
Food has Qi.
Everyday we eat two or three meals plus snacks. When we do not eat healthily, our body’s energy gets out of balance. Additionally, spicy food is not good for the liver, acidic food is not good for the stomach, and sweet food is not good for the heart.
Try to eat things locally produced, because the body and nature are one. We live on land with the plants. The plants grow well because of the harmony between their energy and the energy of the land. When we eat food produced locally, our body ingests the optimal Qi we need to live on this land.
3) Changes of the Weather and the Seasons
The earth rotates as it revolves around the sun to give us days, nights, and different seasons. When the weather or the seasons change, the energy frequency of our body may not be in harmony with the frequency of the weather or season. That’s why we see:
• As spring comes, many people get liver problems
• As summer comes, many people get heart problems
• As fall comes, many people get lung problems
• As winter comes, many people get kidney problems
Through practicing Qigong we automatically adjust our energy to the changes of the weather before a blockage occurs.
4)      Environment
Environment, of course, is very important to our health. This includes influences such as pollution and Feng Shui, a study of energy from the earth, sun, and moon. We must manage those influences harmoniously to make a good and healthy place for living.
Feng Shui shows us how different parts of a building have different energy. Each object has its own magnetic field and energy frequency that positively or adversely influences our body’s energy. We adjust by arranging furniture in an optimal location and direction so that the frequency of the energy from these objects meets the frequency of our body’s energy. As an example, it is best not to place a mirror facing your bed, because the mirror’s energy is too invasive and will affect your sleeping quality.
We can change the energy of our house and environment by practicing Qigong, which strengthens our body’s magnetic fields. If your body’s magnetic field is stronger than that of your house or other aspects of your environment, nothing can affect your energy. Instead your energy will affect everything and everyone around you. Your family will benefit by your energy as will your pets–animals are sensitive to energy. Even at work, different people will be attracted to you, because they feel safe being with you. They need your love energy, and because your energy is so comforting, they will not make trouble for you.
5) Wrong Medication
Medication helps many people with their sufferings. At the same time, other problems related to wrong prescriptions, side effects, and inaccurate diagnoses often develop.
Side effects, alone, can be deadly. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that in a recent year 105,000 patients died in hospitals from correctly prescribed and properly administered medication.
6)      Injury
All injuries block Qi including cuts, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprained ankles, torn muscles, broken arms, and contusions.

For more information visit the Spring Forest Qigong website.

12 September, 2011

Alarm goes off in attic

Panic on hearing alarm go off in the attic.
Reach  landlord - finally - several numbers.
Turned out to be someone's fire alarm in the attic store room

11 September, 2011

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Prophecies from the Heart -2012

Inge Missmahl brings peace to the minds of Afghanistan | Video on TED.com

Inge Missmahl brings peace to the minds of Afghanistan | Video on TED.com

When Jungian analyst Inge Missmahl visited Afghanistan, she saw the inner wounds of war -- widespread despair, trauma and depression. And yet, in this county of 30 million people, there were only two dozen psychiatrists. Missmahl talks about her work helping to build the country's system of psychosocial counseling, promoting both individual and, perhaps, national healing.

Bless Inge Missmahl and the work she does bringing relief to traumatised victims of war and cultivating peace .