26 May, 2009

Tap into a great day

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique is a great way of re-programming yourself to create well-being . Tapping can clear unwanted stress, anxiety, worries and negative thinking that prevent you from feeling good.

I heard about EFT a long time ago and have practiced it on and off , but now with the help of this video clip I intend to make it a part of my daily routine.

I really intend to have a good day !


Lotus said...

EFT is very interesting!!
Have you heard of
"The Healing Codes"
It is for any one from any walk
of life with out actual touching
dealing with trusting your heart!

Mara said...

Hiya Lotus,

No, I've not heard about " The Healing Codes". Where can I find out more ? Do you have a link ?