09 December, 2010

Psychosynthesis typology symbols

These symbols appear in the booklet Psychosynthesis Typology ( I TIPI HUMANI ) by Roberto Assagioli , MD. 

What do these symbols mean ? 

If happen to reading this , and know more, please share .


Thank you .
Namasté .


mark Rockliff said...
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Mara said...

Hi Mark

Thank you for sharing your comment - very interesting.

I like to think of symbols as things that have a universal language and communicate their messages to anyone who is open to receive them.

There are 6 symbols , each one representing a typology. See enclosed Contents jpg which I will add and post now .....

mark Rockliff said...

Well that is an interesting Question.

I found myself at this injunction researching an Idea that Psychosynthesis has a structure that is a living mechanism. A mechanism that traverses scales,. as if the mind is geared to understand … interconnection/ interconnections, within The Fabric Of Space " Fractal Fabric" universal space ,organic space ,cosmic volume space within and beyond our host cosmos as a membrane.

To cut a long explanation into a simple bite size explainable explanation,. the mechanism of Host,. let us start with Solar System as or universal host, The Solar System and Mind .. most likely are interconnected and never separated from the Host Of Greater Nature's ABSOLUTE And Universe.

Geometry ,a play of math like Mechanistic Action and .. language / symbols / and a fixed Math,. a math that co operates with in the implicate of the third implicate as to also with ,the explicate. plus not being separate from the workings of the Enneagram ..as a template for man's mind's cognitive mechanical actions.

In a short time, I can see structure leading from ,the three triads / Id Ego Super Ego / and the three instincts ( SX , SOC , SP ) and the six instincts.

Psychosynthesis may not be sole ly a loose structure it may all so be a universal action " loosely speaking" ,. like a universal joint between severn points and six screens between the central point and six evenly placed dots central dot and screen. As like the sis point symbol of the enneagram with a point at its centre. Symbolic of The Absolute and Self as a force of Presence, Self swear conches Presence. No being separate from Greater Natures - Fixed Design.

The play of four and five seem to be easy to see as a starting primary base action. if the centre point of the nine points is not perceived vier the graced state synonymous as Being The Experienced "..Holy Love."

mark Rockliff said...


Much Geometry to decipher and those the sets maybe helpful. The Creative Type & The Developmental Idealistic Type,. may be or coral ate to the ( The Creative Type - So/Sx & The Developmental Idealistic Type - So/Sp ).

I assume the, the other four symbols will relate to the other four Instinctive variants; Sp/so , Sp/sx , Sx/Sp and Sx/so.

There are some interesting depths to those six symbols. The inner and outer circle seem to in part be, representative of - The Universe.

Thank you for posting the two Typology Symbols.

I assume there must be six typologies to accompany the six symbols.

Any way,. I will follow my track of hunting geometrical patterns that works in unison with Mechanistic Action that can be described within mans understandings of mind .. minds structure.

I will add on thing, the three instincts: social, sell preservation and sexual or one to one with in the context of six screens and three instincts is to be understood as three views of operation from gut/ hart/ head as liked to:

- gut = un conches = SX
- hart = sub conches = SOC
- head = conches = SP

Non duel conches ness or the third implicate would in my model make the centre dot and each of the six screens a two sided multiplicity with the third implicit being the centre.

Each screen being a mask , the Hexagon being a geometrical mechanism. And the six outer dot representing:

-Emotion Feeling
-Impulse Desire

mark Rockliff said...



If Sensation is one dot and the screen between Sensation as (dot) ,and the centre dot, the screen is one of three instincts, un conches, sub conches, conches.

Imagination and thought would be seen though the eyes of the sub conches and conches if the Sensation as (dot) was the screen un conches.

To in vision this concept, the self is like mind as brain (un conches) in this example and the left and right eye metaphorically are as the view from the sub conches and conches or Soc and Sp.

Two triangles and a centre the Hole Self Actualised at Level one or the levels of development (1-9).

One line going to each -Imagination and -Thought
from Sensation as (dot) pass though two screens and the Sensation screen as a multiplicity connect with the other triangle.

The full workings are as yet unclear, but the attitude of thought on the opposite side seems to be a false use of the central dot and seems to be used as a form of will to bolster a view of the utilised screen .. Intuition biasing in favour for Sensation.

In this model the screen becomes the Self operating at a deficit and fluctuating between the six screens as six variant mechanism.

three multiplied by six equals 18 and at the same time within an other mechanical operation Authentic HigherSelf as centre can be still viewed as the third implicate if both sides of the same screen are seen as two components of a three component mechanism. Self the centre dot as reconciliation and the Screen as cause and effect a two sided screen, one side reflected from an opposing point opposite, as a narrative of the Self Being un conches in active awareness to the phenomenon of Holy Love Being generated from the equal utilisation of the all six screens.

For this to make geometrical sense there must be three values recognised , the Hexagon corners as 6 parts and the six dots as six parts and the centre as six parts the parts being six concentrations mirrored from both the six dots and the six screens in unison.

There are other mechanical orders I see in the psychodrama of peoples utilisation of the six components:

-Emotion Feeling
-Impulse Desire

But to keep it short I stuck to the primary basics that I suspect to be real patterns within the dynamical working of the Psychosynthesis model that I am understanding to be the phenomenon I an understanding Psychosynthesis to be with in the Human condition.

Mark Anthony Rockliff

9w1, sx/sp/so , 9w8 5w6 4w5 , 936 963 396 ,
1221 -D type , INFP. "Fire House" 1966

mark Rockliff said...

Typo: Self aware conches Presence.

Self swear conches Presence.


mark Rockliff said...

As like the six point symbol of the enneagram with a point at its centre.

My spelling is some time lead by Dyslexia..

As like the sis point symbol of the enneagram with a point at its centre.