13 January, 2011

Margaret's Prayer

Margaret's Prayer

The world is changing, moving forward, very very fast, old ideas and beliefs no longer hold and both the earth and our own bodies are struggling to adapt in ways we're not even aware of. I think we should go easy on ourselves, it's as if all things are being re-made.

I pray for balance in the world, on earth, that the waters may soon reach their level, upheavals may settle down and that human and animal communities may survive, adapt and thrive with minimum trauma to those caught up in the changes and with all the help they need.  

I pray for all of us in pain or physical difficulty at the moment, for whatever healing or adaptation is required for the best possible outcome for each individual. May we each be offered and accept the most appropriate form of assistance, physical, medical, mental, emotional or financial.

My favourite Christmas carol:
"...and peace may over all the world its ancient splendours fling..."

Margaret Edmonds

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