13 September, 2009

Let there be light

My Light and Your Light is needed and the good news is; there's a crack in everything ; that's how the Light gets in.

Light-1.jpg image by godintelligence

The Light Decree

From the Light of God that I Am, I decree
the Light and I Are One.
This moment, I flood myself with Light, casting out doubts and fears as I touch every corner of my being with Light.
I honour the Light of God within.
I honour the Light of God above.
It is all One, connecting at different points,
and I Am one with it everywhere.
I will not let anything come between Us.
I will stay connected to Light and Love, always.
I will no longer deny my Oneness with all of Creation.
I Am ending all bonds of darkness and separation from eternal Light and Love now -- for all time.
I Am Light-filled -- all weights are gone.
I Am surrounded above and below with Pure Light and Pure Love.
I Charge and I Charge and I Charge myself with radiant I Am Light.
I feel the flow of Light that now makes all things right.
All that is meant to be mine by Divine Right has Light cast upon it.
It is released to me in Divine right order, unhindered,
under Grace in a magical way.
I Am Love, Light, Power, and Divine Wisdom
And so it is, and so I let it be.

-Maureen Moss


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