30 September, 2008

Today , like any other day , love love love

Happy New Year to our Jewish friends.
Happy Birthday , Johanna ,
love and peace in all dimensions.

A New Moon yesterday marks a time of new beginnings . My new vision board has been conceived and is gestating.

" grace ...allowing ......all with love and ease...prosperity love in relationships "

( I am going to include JOY and WELL-BEING too )

The wording may change. My Vision Board will evolve. My plan is to allow this to develop and grow over the next couple of weeks till the moon is full.

It is a beginning
I won't know where I am going until I get there , will I ? What an exciting journey though. Peace in all dimensions ......... to be continued .........

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Caroline said...

Have a wonderful time on this journey...this is a powerful New Moon...so many people changing, growing and expanding! I know I am.