27 September, 2008

Two affirmations to improve finances.

Financially comfortable

I am financially comfortable.

I allow my income to constantly expand.

I am now moving beyond my present income.

My consciousness of finances is constantly expanding and taking in new ideas

---new ways to live deeply, richly, comfortably, joyfully and beautifully.

My skills and talents serve me well ,

and I share them with the world with the greatest of pleasure.

Money appears easily and effortlessly when I need it.

I acknowledge my worth and I move into acceptance of an entirely new level of financial security.

My money is working for me for the highest good.

Financial security is a constant in my life.

A good income without working hard
It is okay to make a good income without working hard.

As I employ my Higher Self, my Higher Self employs me.
What a wonderful, brilliant, delicate, strong, beautiful energy my inner spirit is.
It blesses me with fulfilling work.
Each day is new and different.
As I let go of the struggle to survive,
I find that I am fed, clothed, housed,
and loved in ways that are deeply fulfilling to me.
I make it okay for myself and others
to have money without working hard at a job.
I am worthy of bringing in good money
without struggling in the rat race or fighting traffic.
I follow my higher instincts and listen to my heart in all that I do.

I employ positive thoughts.

Louise Hay


Caroline said...

Did you write this for me today :) Ha! Ha! Very comforting to read.

Mara said...

hahaha you and me both !

((((hug )))


Sherer said...

Ah! wonderful financial affirmations. Many are embarassed to practice these kinds of things, but I find it helps unit the entire brain in changing your consciousness. Thank you very good

Mara said...

There's no shame in wanting simply the best .

Thank you , Serer for stopping by .

May you prosper and grow :-)