29 September, 2008


Today I intend to send blessings to my home.
My home is my house and also my body.
Home is where my heart is.
Home is the seat of my soul.
I love and appreciate my home.
Blessed be.

My home is a beautiful happy home
My home is full of love ,light, laughter and well-being
My home is the perfect home for me
My home is safe and affordable
My home is accessible
My home is spacious
My home is perfect for work and play
My home is blessed by the angels.

I am very grateful for my home.
Thank you.


Caroline said...

Oh...just lovely. I will do the same today. I forget how our home is such sacred space. Thank you for the wonderful reminder.

Mara said...

Good morning Caroline !
Blessings of love and light to you and your home xx