11 January, 2010

The ending is more important than continuity

The ending is more important than continuity . The ending means the beginning of something new.


These words popped out at me this morning and the penny dropped as I reflected and applied them to situations in my own life and the lives of others. I fear and mourn endings, but these words seemed to magically turn everything around as I started to see events in a a new optimistic and positively exciting light.

Krishnamurti talks about fear , pages 97-98 here



zhen said...

i was just thinking that same thing lately...it's like that cliche saying...one door closes, another one opens...the old makes way for the new...definitely a concept I have to continuously remind myself of-scorpios especially have a lot of trouble letting go of the past and embracing newness and change.

Mara said...

Hiya Zhen,
I have a few good Scorpio friends and I know that they have a hard time letting go. One in particular fears changes and feels uncomfortable when I move the furniture around. I got rid of sofas I'd had for over 30 years and that was SO traumatic ;-)

Scorpios need fickle airy fairy Geminis lol xxx

May you have a wonderful 2010

zhen said...

lol, maybe you are worse than me then. i think the more STUFF i have the more weighed down I feel...a nice exercise is to find something daily to let go of and throw away... =LIGHTNESS OF BEING ^^!

I don't know many geminis, not sure why...my noticeable experience is they ask me lots of questions and we can talk for HOURS...then I am all done with talking for a week and need to go into my silent cave! LOL

May you continue to embrace and absorb with peace the changes that 2010 brings :)

Mara said...

LOL at 'all done with talking for a week ' ....Oh I agree with you about stuff weighing you down .. so true. I've been on a mission to simplify my life and get rid off clutter and old energies. Recycled and donated tons of stuff to charity when I moved, but there is still more to do.

Minimalist is not for me though. I love colours and cosy.. and I am a quiet hermit here in my cave , especially during the winter montghs lol

Peace , love and light to you ... Namasté !