31 January, 2010

Mesopotamia , 2010 BC

I was born 2010 BC in Mesopotamia, an artist and craftsman, son of the chief of a small village near the sea,

On day, standing on top of the cliff looking out to sea, I am waiting and longing for the boat to come. The boat arrives and I sail away.

Approaching land I can see houses or rather huts .. the whole village is on fire; people running around screaming trying to save themselves their loved ones and their possessions.

A young woman runs up to me begging me to help her. Her grandmother is inside one of the huts. I run into the smoke and flames and drag out a lifeless body. Too late ; She's dead.

I know that there is not time to waste. I must get out of here. Before I know what is happening the young woman and a small childare heading for the shore and my boat.

As we sail away, the woman explains that The village had been attacked by raiders and had been an easy target since the men were all away somewhere. The child looks like a cherub with blond curly hair, dirty face and hands. He's sucking on something white that looks like dried fish..cuttlefish maybe. We make a bed for him in the boat with covers and sack cloth that is lying around.

Night falls and we sail on and arrive back the next day.

My parents and the whole village turn out to greet us, My father looks stern. my mother subserviant. He asks all sorts of questions and will not allow the woman and child to stay in the village, so we move into a cave near the shore.

Days and months pass until one day she says : " It's time for you to go and follow your longing. Go where your heart tells you to go.We'll be fine. "

And so it was that with a heavy heart I set out on my quest to a far off place to learn the language of signs and symbols.

The streets of the town are cobbled. The houses small and white. After a while I find a place to stay.

Years pass by. I've become a monk and I am now an old man with long white hair and beard. I am sitting in an stone alcove and beside me is my young apprentice. I have just told him it that the time has come for me to pass on. He is sad and has tears in his eyes. It is an emotional parting . I hand him something as a parting gift and then talking a final farewell , enter a room with a stone table in the centre. The ceiling is as high as in a cathedral and open at the top.

I lie on the stone table and listen to the chanting of the monks in the room. It is a lovely send off. As I look up at the sky , my soul leaves my body and enters a crystal . Inside the crystal there is a rainbow. Everything is bright, peaceful and clear...............

( One of my past lives, remembered during regression in 1992 )

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