16 January, 2010

How to solve a problem

How to solve a problem ?

Focus on the possibilities rather than the difficulties.


zhen said...

short and sweet, i love it. In any case I always get irritated when I hear people whinge to me about certain "problems"...cos often there are no "problems" to begin with! The way I see it is if there are possibilities for solution and a human can fix it, there IS NO PROBLEM!..alot of people WHINGE AND WHINE yet can't even acknoqwledge this when it is pointed out to them, which leads me to believe taht a lot of people don't want to solve a problem- they just want to whinge and whine and be listened to and have someone sympathise with them!

Mara said...

Hi Zhen

People need to be seen , heard and validated.

I think we all whinge and whine at times. lol