15 January, 2010


Colours, strong, vibrant colours make my heart beat faster. colours that are in the blanket I am making and colours in these wingmakers paintings. I hadn't visited this site for a long time and was guided there in the wee small hours of this morning. There are no accidents I'm feeling the special powerful energies of the new moon and lunar eclipse today.

Brightest and most beautiful blessings to us all.
Inspiration rocks !
Blessings flow .

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Lyricus website - This is the official website of the Lyricus Teaching Order. The WingMakers materials are a component of the broader plan and objectives of Lyricus. This website will explain the relationship and provide additional context for the WingMakers materials and their purpose.

EventTemples website - Event Temples is a new site created by James to focus on the expression of the Six Heart Virtues in everyday life. It's a practical, application-based website that includes three e-papers on the heart. The e-papers are free and highly recommended reading.

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Zz... said...

yeah i think colours are invigorating- everytime I write a card I seem to be drawn to multicolours using at least 5 different coloured pens or textas and including some doodles...lol, people might assume a kid wrote the card!