22 October, 2008

The Electric Gypsy

The Electric Gypsy , Terry Mace, and I have just crossed paths.

I get a " Content Warning " when I visit Terry's blog, don't let that put you off. It is a beautiful and inspiring blog . In Terry's own words, from his blog :

" Inner-dimensional, Outer-dimensional, United Kingdom
The ideas behind this blog are several fold. In one sense it’s a way for, friends, family and colleagues to follow my adventures off-grid which are essentially experiments in ‘sustainable’ living. On another level it’s a way for me to publish and write about ideas and concepts that are important to me now in my life. It’s also a way for me to offer, web- links, social-networks and useful resources to those interested in ‘off-grid’ living or alternative life-style choices. Finally, I think that this is also about wanting my individual friends, family and colleagues to see the diversity of both my established friendships and those new friendships which seem to grow daily. I suppose in more ways than one it’s also my way of using technology positively to widen the community circle for myself and others in my life. Thus, ‘the-circle-is-open-but-un-broken’. Please enjoy this blog. Check out the various web-links on the site by hovering over bold or high-lighted texts. Please report any broken links or unavailable resources so that I can mend or re-link them. Here’s my email address: electric-gypsy@fsmail.net "
Do check it out and be inspired. The Electric Gypsy

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