13 October, 2008

Manifesting for the highest good of all

My focus these past two weeks has been on manifesting what I want and what I need.
There are specific things and some general ones.

I am aware that it is important to have goals - specific goals, but paradoxically I want also be open to what life brings me.
Therefore I intend to be open to everything and anything.

I intend to allow the Light of my soul to move me in the direction I really need to go.
That direction may not be exactly what I expect, but in the long run, it's certain to be indefinitely better.

Today, I intend to allow for any and all solutions to my needs - even solutions I could not have anticipated.
I realise I can't do everything on my own.
I understand that everything that comes into my life is helping me , provided I see these events as opportunities rather than obstacles.

This , or better, I intend for the highest good of all.


Altavo said...

dear Mara, this is to be vessel for the Light, to be the Light, Let us be Light and shine brightly. Let us be like the flowers and the birds. Nothing to worry. Everything we need is coming on our path. Just to be beauty and Light. Glance and glow as we are meant to be love tine

Mara said...

Dear Tine ,your Light is shining brightly Tine. Thank you for stopping by. Blessings x