09 October, 2008

Totally Unique Thoughts TUT

Jambo Fellow Adventurer, and welcome to the Club!

TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) believes that everyone's special, that every life is meaningful, and that we're all here to learn that dreams really do come true. We also believe that "thoughts become things," and that imagination is the gift that can bring love, health, abundance, and happiness into our lives.

I hope you know how important you are in contributing to the "all things are exactly as they should be" concept.

Because without you, they wouldn't be.

Big hug,
The Universe

I recently , signed the oath and joined this adventure. Every morning I receive a wonderful note from the Universe. It's the best thing since crisps and Maltesers !

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Notes from the Universe

1 comment:

Caroline said...

I get those too! I love their motto: "Your thoughts become things"! So true!