13 October, 2008

A note on change.

Everything changes.

Nothing stays the same.

What goes up goes down and back up again.

The sun sets to rise again the next day.

Everything is constantly changing.

Change does not have to be bad.

Change can be good.

Change happens whether I approve of it or not.

All the changes occurring right now on our planet
are leading to a better life for all.
When I change , everything around me has no option but to change in relationship with me.
I intend go with the flow and to change for the better.
I am willing to change in order to honour what truly matters.
What matters to me is love, beauty, honesty , friendship, integrity and relationship with all that is.
I intend to stay in a central space of peace and harmony in the midst of change,
knowing that only good will come of this.
I intend to be the peace and harmony I wish to see in the world.

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